Reasons to Hire an SEO Expert

Reasons to Hire an SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to empower a website to make a good rank in pages of search engine results and major among them is Google, Yahoo, and also Bing. Can SEO be done on your own or one needs to hire an SEO expert? This is one of the biggest questions for which website owners look for an answer.

Let’s find the reason as to why one should invest in Hiring an SEO Expert


  •   Saves your time:

Doing SEO is just not a few hours job, but a job that is quite time-to consume and needs complete dedication. Other activities related to business which is important will be affected if you invest so much time in SEO. Hiring an SEO agency will save time.

  •   Knowledgeable and experienced:

If you are hiring a proficient SEO professional then he will be having the required knowledge and experience about how to employ best practices for making codes as well as for optimizing the structure of the site. He can evaluate the competitive sites and can make the necessary changes on your site to make it ready to face the competition.

  •   Cost-effective operations:

If you are spending a huge amount of money optimizing the website you own for making an organic search then wait and think. If you don’t have a reasonable degree of expertise in the SEO field then trust us that you will be wasting your money if you do SEO on your own. If you want to get a good result for the investment you are making on SEO then bank on the services of a trained SEO professional.

So before you make the call to go for hiring the services of an SEO firm to ensure you check the experience and reputation of the SEO Expert in the industry.

SEO Interview Questions in 2021 for Freshers

SEO Interview Questions in 2021 for Freshers

Going to an SEO interview and thinking about what will be the SEO interview questions and conversations you will go through? Prior to going to an SEO interview, it’s smarter to have a thought regarding the sorts of SEO inquiries that will be posted so you can intellectually plan answers for them. 

To take care of you, I (Prempal Singh) have made the list of top SEO questions in 2021 and their answers that can be asked by an SEO interviewer.

Basic Level SEO Interview Questions & Answers

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and SEO is the process of improving a site to increase visibility in search engines or we can say SEO is the process to improve ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

What are Search Engines and the names of some Search Engines?

A search engine is a place where we can search anything and find many similar results or search engines answer the queries entered by users and give them the list of relevant results based on various factors.

Names of a few search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and YouTube, etc.

What are the names of the founders of Google & when Google was founded?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of Google and Google was founded in 1998.

What are the types of SEO according to the way of doing it?

There are three types of SEO-

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. Generally, white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to increase a site or page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engine’s terms of service.

What is Grey Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is an SEO practice that’s riskier than White Hat SEO, but one that may or may not result in your site being banned from search engines and their affiliate sites.

What are the main types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO or we can say there are two types of SEO strategies:

Onpage SEO (Onsite SEO)

Offpage SEO (Offsite SEO)

What are the main factors in on-page SEO?

Meta Tags (Meta Title, Meta Description, Headings)

Quality Content
Mobile Friendliness
Page Speed
Canonical Tag
Internal and External Linking
Domain Strength
User experience
Schema Code
Sitemap Submission
Robots.txt Submission
Google Search Console and Google Analytics Setup

What are the Offpage SEO techniques?

Offpage is basically link building process and there are many ways of link submission:

Press Release Submission
Article Submission
Guest Posting
Blog Submission
Video Sharing
Image Sharing
Infographic Sharing
PDF Sharing
Business Listing
Directory Submission
Forum Topic Creation and Reply
Advertisement Creation
Event Creation
Profile Creation etc.

What is Canonical Tag?

A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical“) is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs for the same page.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a blueprint of your website that helps search engines find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content. Sitemaps also tell search engines which pages on your site are most important.

What is Robots.txt?

A robots.txt file contains instructions for bots that tell them which web pages they can and cannot access. 

What is Schema Markup or Schema Code? (often called Schema) is a semantic vocabulary of tags (or microdata) that you can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that provides privacy, authentication, and integrity to Internet communications.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. When you search anything on search engines, this is the page where you can see all the results. SERP includes PPC listings and organic listings. 

What is organic traffic?

Organic results are unpaid results and also called ‘free results’, ‘natural results’. The ranking of organic results is based on various factors. Organic results can be seen under the paid results. You can’t manipulate organic results by paying Google but can be improved by having high-quality content and improving user experience.

What is paid traffic?

Paid results are what advertisers pay to get their ads displayed above organic results on SERP. Paid results are quick and advertisers don’t need to optimize their website, content to rank. The position will be based on your Max CPC and your quality score. The more quality score you have, the less money you need to pay.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is Google’s web crawler to find, crawl, and index web pages. Googlebot is also called Google Spider.

What is Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox Effect is a theory that states new websites are normally in the probation period (inside a box) and cant be able to rank well for their most important keywords and Google sends websites in Sandbox when any website gets penalized by doing black hat SEO.

What is DA?

One of the most common questions in any SEO interview. DA which stands for Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz. It ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the better. The more DA you have the better the possibility of ranking. DA is still an important metric for SEOs. They use it to quickly understand the quality of websites. It helps them to compare multiple sites and understand their authority.

What is the difference between DA and PA?

DA is Domain Authority. It explains the authority of your entire website. PA is Page Authority. It explains the authority of a specific page, based on the backlink, social sharing, etc.

What is the full form of WWW?

WWW stands for World Wide Web.

What does URL stand for?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

What is a PBN?

Private Blog Network is a website built on a dropped or auctioned domain. Some black hat SEOs build them to link to their important website and transfer authority.

Google is against this method as it can uplift a spammy website so they are most often hidden from search engines.

What are all the popular SEO tools available in the market?

This SEO Interview Question is to understand your expertise over tools. The most popular and important SEO tools are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Bing Webmaster Tools, Ahref, SEMRush, Alexa, Moz, and more.

Google Search Console: If you are an SEO, you need to master Search Console. It helps you to check your website’s health in the eyes of Google. It helps you to analyze the performance of your website and helps you optimize it better. It helps you to find the list of errors on the website. It is a completely free tool from Google.

Google Analytics: Free version of Google Analytics is sufficient if your website is mid-level. It helps you to understand the performance of your website, understand the behavior of the visitors, helps you perform better in terms of conversions, and so on.

Apart from these free tools, some notable paid tools are

Moz: It helps businesses to analyze and get insights about their websites and their competitors.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is the best tool if you want to check your or your competitor’s backlinks.

SEMRush: SEMRush helps you check the health of your backlink, the position of your keywords, and errors in your website.

Screaming Frog: It crawls your entire website and lists out all key elements like internal links, external links, titles, descriptions, HTTP status code, and more.

What is the difference between do-follow and no-follow links?

A Do-follow link passes the link juice from one domain to another and the no-follow link doesn’t pass the link juice.

A Do-follow link is more valuable in terms of SEO and No-follow links are less valuable.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO method that increases the number of keyword densities to a far higher range in order to rank for potential keywords. After the Panda update, it’s not recommended to keyword stuff to manipulate search engines and should be avoided at all costs.

What is bounce rate in SEO?

Bounce rate is the percentage of website users who leave the website from the landing page without visiting any other page or without taking any specific action.

What is 301 redirection?

301 redirect is a permanent redirect method to redirect users and search engines to redirect from old URL to new URL. 

What is 302 redirection?

302 redirect is a temporary redirect method to redirect users and search engines to redirect from old URL to new URL. 

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a kind of advertisement campaign in which advertisers are charged when users click on the advertisement. The amount charged to the advertiser is called Cost Per Click (CPC). 

What is EMD?

EMD or Exact Match Domain is a domain that includes the search keywords.

For example:

What is Google Algorithm?

Google algorithm is a set of rules, commands, and codes that helps the search engine to find relevant search results to user queries. It is said to be more than 200 ranking factors Google algorithm uses to rank a web page for specific keywords. Hummingbird is the name provided to the Google algorithm and every year thousands of updates are improving the algorithm in multiple ways.

What is Google Penalty?

According to Wikipedia:

“A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms or manual review.[dubious – discuss] The penalty can be a by-product of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.”

Google algorithms automatically penalize your website when you violate any Google guidelines. Google executives manually penalize any website if they catch the website doing anything against the guidelines. You receive a notification in your search console when that happens.

What is Panda Update?

Google has introduced a Panda update in 2011 to penalize or devalue lower quality websites based on low-quality content and reward high-value websites.

Google panda de-ranks or penalizes pages with less amount of useful content and pages with duplicate content.

What is Penguin update?

Google introduced the penguin updated in 2012 to find sites that have spammy backlinks and devalue or penalize them. Penguin was intended to find link farms, buying links, blog networks, and every other black hat link-building method. Penguin update helped Google find websites that are violating Google’s guidelines and building backlinks just to improve the ranking in SERP.

What is Hummingbird Update?

Hummingbird is the name of the Google search algorithm overhaul that happened in 2013. Hummingbird has helped to make search more about context and less about keywords and it helps Google better understand the intent of the keywords not just keywords.

The better and improved interpretations of the intention are what is special about the hummingbird.

What is Mobilegeddon update?

Mobilegeddon update is the way of Google telling webmasters to make their websites mobile-friendly in order to be given priority on search engine results. As the number of people using Google on mobile devices keeps on increasing, Google’s intention is to give the best experience to all mobile users by providing them mobile-friendly web pages as a result. After the Mobilegeddon update, the mobile-friendliness of a page has become an essential factor in ranking the websites in the SERPs.

Google Pigeon Update?

Google Pigeon is an update to increase the relevancy and quality of local searches.

What are rich snippets?

A rich snippet is a form of structured data which helps websites to give more information to the readers and helps them to get more clicks. Rich snippets don’t directly improve the ranking of a web page but if presented well, they can increase the CTR of the web page which can increase the ranking in the long run.

What is Cloaking?

Cloaking is a black hat technique where the user finds different web page content when compared to that web page content search engine finds. Cloaking a method of tricking search engine algorithms to index a totally different keyword-stuffed webpage but displaying the actual page only to users.

What are Doorway Pages?

Doorway pages are a black hat method that should be avoided. Doorway pages are the pages search engine users first visit after clicking a search engine result before entering the real landing page. They are optimized for search engines and once the user visits the doorway pages they are automatically redirected to the real landing page.

What are the common SEO Mistakes to be avoided?

This SEO Interview Question is to check your experience and cautiousness. Some of the common mistakes to be avoided are:

Not considerate about the freshness and the quality of the webpage

Not having a unique title and description

Optimizing for very broad keywords

Keyword stuffing

Building multiple low-quality backlinks

Using poorly-written content

What is Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis is the process of identifying your organic competitors and analyzing how they perform better, where do they lack, and using the information to make your site better.

It normally includes on-page analysis, keywords they are using, content quality and pattern, internal linking and navigation, backlinks, referring domains.

What are contextual backlinks?

Contextual backlinks are the links surrounded by text in the body of the content. Contextual links possess higher value than the links from the header, footer, or sidebar.

Contextual links are the most valuable backlinks but are difficult to attain.

What is cross-linking?

Cross-linking is the activity of linking one site to another. It provides users with reference sites that contain the content related to the search. If owned by the same person, Google recommends it to be no-follow.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerate Mobile Pages is an open-source project which helps publishers to increase the speed and improve the readability of their web pages on mobile devices. Google, WordPress, Adobe has joined hands with few other companies to make this possible.

What is a Disavow Tool?

Disavow Tool is a Google Search Console Tool to allow publishers to convey to Google that certain links from other domains should not be considered and should be avoided. It helps the websites to avoid any actions based on bad links. But, the tool should be handled very carefully and if not used with caution, it can harm the website performance in search engines.

What to do if your website got penalized?

First, to understand why it happened and fix the issues completely. Then apply for re-inclusion.

How can we improve the landing page quality?

Landing page quality can be improved in the following ways:

  • A strong headline and supportive tagline
  • Original and quality content
  • Page load time
  • User-friendliness and user experience
  • Following Google guidelines
  • Easy to navigate and understand
  • Clear call of the action message
  • Visual imagery
  • Not having too many links
  • Should connect with Brand and proposition
  • Simplified lead capture form
  • Trust symbols.

Free Press Release PR Submission Websites 2020

Free Press Release PR Submission Websites 2020

What is Press Release (PR)?

A press release is a written document prepared for the media for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement.

Why I should submit Press Release?

The main purpose of all press releases is to promote something significant and specific, and to do so clearly about any person or brand.

How Press Release is helpful in SEO?

Press Release submission is the best practice for linkbuilding in SEO. By submitting PR website's authority increases very much and PR develop trust in customers to any brand.

Where do I submit a Press Release?

Find high authority Press Release PR submission websites and share your Press Release to their journalists or editors.

Here is the list of Free (PR) Press Release Websites for 2020 –

These are some Press Release PR distribution websites. Contact SEO Expert Prempal Singh for more help in SEO.

Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin

Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin

Today on 21st July, 2020 Bing Announced a URL Submission Plugin for WordPress. Bing Announcing the release of Bing URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress as open source project to make it easy for webmasters of WordPress sites to get.


What is Bing URL Submission Plugin?

The plugin allows webmasters of WordPress sites to get their content easily, automatically and immediately indexed by Bing as soon as their content is published!

How Bing URL Submission Plugin works?

Once installed and configured with an API key obtained from Bing Webmaster portal, the plugin detects both page updates and new pages created in WordPress and automatically submits the URLs behind the scenes to our Bing Webmaster Tools API ensuring that the site pages are always fresh in the Bing index.

What are the features of Bing URL Sumission Plugin?

1. The ability to toggle the automatic submission feature on and off. 2. Manually submit a URL to Bing Index. 3. View list of recent URL submissions from the plugin. 4. Retry any failed submissions from the recent submissions list. 5. Download recent URL submissions for analysis.


How to install. Here is how to install this plugin and obtain an API key:


Install the plugin:


  1. Log in to WordPress admin panel for your WordPress site. Click on ‘Plugins > Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘Bing URL Submissions Plugin’ and install.
  3. Once installed, click on ‘Activate’ to enable plugin.


Obtain an API key:


  1. Open Bing URL Submissions plugin settings page by clicking on “Settings” link for the plugin. (Or the ‘Bing Webmaster’ link in the navigation menu).
  2. You should now be greeted with a prompt to enter API key.
  3. Enter your Bing Webmaster API key into the prompt in the plugin page. (You can obtain API key by following the instructions here. Ensure that your WordPress site is verified with Bing Webmaster).
  4. Your WordPress site is now configured to automatically submit URLs to Bing.


Source :

Site Kit By Google – WordPress Plugin

Site Kit By Google – WordPress Plugin

Site kit by Google – An Official WordPress Plugin to unlock more productivity

WordPress users have good news!


Google always surprises us with their consistent updates and the new power packs. And one more time it comes with a piece of good news for WordPress users. It announced its official WordPress plugin named “Site kit by Google”, sounds good, isn’t it? Now let us dive into the insights of the plugin to know how it works and what are the benefits of using Site kit by Google plugin for WordPress users.


As the people who are using WordPress and have a website know about the Google Key Products such as Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, Adsense & PageSpeed Insights. And we also know that these products are the most used products to know the website insights, audience response, user’s engagement and give the accurate stats reports of your website. 


If we talk about WordPress Plugins, there are a number of plugins for all the key products of Google. But now you don’t need to install different-different plugins to utilize the Google key products information & insight, which is only possible by the Google, by launching its official WordPress Plugin “Site kit by Google”, the plugin includes all the four key products Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, Adsense & PageSpeed Insights, which results in a clear picture of your website stats on your WordPress dashboard. You will find your dashboard very productive and impressive when you install the Site kit by Google plugin in your panel and also the easy to install method of the plugin gives you more confidence to grow towards the success with the helpful website insights which is also up-to-date.  Have a look at the Google key Products:


  • Search Console:

On your admin panel you find the stats to understand how Google search discovers and display your website pages on their search results. And how many people find you on top in SERP.


  • Google Analytics:

Find out the stats on the behalf of the people visiting your website and search for ways of the people & monthly or weekly visitors interest & more information on your panel. 

  • AdSense:

Keep track of the earning of your website and how the visitors respond to ads.

  • PageSpeed Insights:

See how well or poorly your web pages are performing as compared to your competitors to improve your user’s experience and to get more engagement.  



How to install Site kit by Google Plugin on WordPress?


We are sure, it is pretty good for the WordPress users that they don’t need to add individual codes and scripts in their header.php to connect their websites from the Google products to get the insights. It is possible by Google that it offers a single plugin to get access to all the products on their WordPress admin panel. 


Let us discuss the installation process of the site kit on your WordPress:


  • Download the zip file of the Google site kit from the official website of Google where the file is available. And also you will find it here also by clicking on- Download
  • Now upload the zip file in your plugin section and activate it. 


It sounds very easy, right? It is easier to perform when you do it. So let us utilize the benefits of the Site Kit by Google by installing it now for getting the better insights of your website on your admin panel. You can find it useful and get the quick stats of your website anytime when you want to check the audience response on your website updates and traffic on your website. 


The Google site kit has more for you-


As we have discussed above that how to install the plugin and how beneficial it is there are more Google services which are supported by the Google Tool are:



  • Tag Manager:

You can use the site kit to set up the tag manager in your website and then by managing your tags, you can update your website tags as per your needs and requirements. 

  • Optimize:

You can find the optimize option in the site kit also, which you can activate for your website and then can run A/B split testing campaigns to find the best solutions and ways to market your website online.



You will find the Site Kit by Google more useful and beneficially when you start using it to take care of your website insights. Install it now & utilize unlimited benefits! Contact Prempal Singh to know more about “Site Kit by Google”.

Top 10 Trusted SEO Experts of India in 2020

Top 10 Trusted SEO Experts of India in 2020

Top 10 Trusted SEO experts in India to Follow in 2020

Are you looking for the top trusted SEO Experts of India? We know there are many names that come on top when you search for the best SEO consultants in India which definitely confuse you. who is the best for your website. Right? Then here we have researched for you and found the names of top 10 trusted and best SEO experts of India. Here we go with the introduction of the 10 best SEO experts in India one by one:


  1. Prempal Singh:

    Mr Prempal Singh achieved his name on best SEO experts of India and stands on number one in the list. He always believed to be practical which makes him different from other SEO experts and also he is the favourite SEO specialist for the big brands and startups also. He works on the latest SEO trends and follows all the Google algorithms rules to make his customer’s website on top in the SERP and help them to generate traffic & hot leads. His skills and expertise in SEO helped him to complete thousands of SEO projects successfully and make him a big name in the online marketing industry. Right now he is working as the best SEO expert in India and also spreading his networks in the USA, UK and more countries to prove that “He not only talks, he always walks his talk for the best SEO results.”

  2. Lakshya Pareek:

    Lakshya Pareek is giving good competition to the best SEO experts and showing his potential by managing big SEO projects in the marketplace. He is growing as the best SEO expert in India and with his team of best & experienced SEO experts, they are defending well in the market. Lakshya and his team work on the latest online marketing trends to give the customer’s best results and to make them on top in Google SERPs for lead generation. You will find Mr Lakshya Pareek on top when you search for the best SEO Freelancers in India and he is also leading in the list of best SEO experts.

  3. Ram Tyagi:

    Ram Tyagi is the best freelance SEO expert in India and digital marketing consultant who will help you to beat your competitors and give you the right way of growing online with the hot leads. He works as a full-time E-Commerce SEO consultant and always available for the clients to give them the right online marketing solutions. 

  4. Sanjay Baghela:

    If you find the name Sanjay Baghela in the list of best SEO experts in the USA and in India then it is not a big deal, Because He is best. Mr Sanjay Baghela and his team follow the marketing trends and implement the right online marketing strategy for his clients to make them stand on top in SERP and also help them to beat his competitors. If you choose him as your SEO expert then you will never regret as he gives you the full assurity of the best SEO results.

  5. Vivek Sharma:

    Vivek Sharma is leading in the list of top 5 best SEO experts in India with his expertise, perfection and experience. When it comes to showing that who is best in SEO, he proves him, perfect SEO expert, as he has 5+ years of experience in SEO and the number of projects he has completed also polished his skills and marketing talent which makes him SEO and digital marketing experts in India.

  6. Tamanna Khatri:

    Tamanna Khatri is known as the best SEO expert in India with her expertise of working on the high competitive keywords and also she has the ability to convert your startups into a well-known brand. Her knowledge about the digital marketing trends and proven SEO strategies which vary with the business genre make her prove that she always gives you the expected SEO results and never let your business online image down. 

  7. Neha Agarwal:

    Neha Agarwal is the best in E-Commerce website’s SEO and her this expertise make her different from other SEO experts and also as she is working with the well-trained SEO team, it will give her the more power to beat the high competitive keywords and make her stand in the list of top 10 trusted SEO Experts.

  8. Vineeth Mungath:

    Vineeth Mungath is growing fast as the best SEO expert in India working with the latest technologies and online marketing solutions to give his customers the best SEO results and to make sure that his customers will become able to stand as the brand online with his excellent proven SEO efforts.

  9. Aditya khanna:

    Aditya Khanna is best as the digital marketing consultant known as the best SEO expert in India working with his skills and expertise which give his name the place in the top 10 list of SEO experts. HIs 24×7 availability and best supported & analysed SEO strategies works best for online marketing.

  10. Deep Bhardwaj:

    With his 6+ years of experience in SEO he is leading and with his number of completion SEO projects successfully you can trust his expertise in SEO. You will find him very helpful and his SEO consult & advice will always help you to grow faster in the online marketplace.


Here, the list of top 10 SEO experts in India for you. Now the choice is yours which name and SEO expert is good for your website. Choose one of them and get the best Success rate online now!

Best SEO tools that SEO Experts can use in 2020

Best SEO tools that SEO Experts can use in 2020

SEO techniques hold the power to completely revamp a particular website’s structural appearance as well as assist in the increment of the audience traffic on the website. Prominent SEO experts keep themselves up to date with the latest SEO techniques in order to serve their customers with high-quality SEO services. Here, is a list of best SEO tools that a proficient SEO expert should take advantage of in 2020:



  • Ahrefs- Well known SEO Keyword Tool



Ahrefs Site Audit feature is one of the brilliant SEO tools to keep in mind while enhancing a company’s online presence as it helps extensively in various determining various factors such as tracking of the website’s rank on the popular search engines, Auditing SEO, Researching valuable keywords to upscale website’s visibility, researching for viral content related to your company’s niche to keep the audience hooked to your website and also analyzing an important aspect of competitor research to keep your site better than the rest.



  • Alexa- Information. Insight. Advantage



Alexa is providing the richest and most meaningful analytical insights. Alexa siteinfo is a very useful tool where we can check our website’s traffic based alexa ranking global and country wise. We can do competitor analysis, keyword research also can get backlinks data.



  • Google Search Console- Finest SEO tool



It is a free tool that you can use for the enhancement of your website’s online growth. Google Search Console is an excellent tool that helps in monitoring and reporting on your website’s online presence in Google SERP. You just need to do the website verification or going by Google analytics and then you will be required to submit your sitemap for indexing. This tool works amazingly for understanding the audience’s behaviour while browsing your website and can let you know the ways you can improve your website for better user engagement and attaining much better search rankings as well. 



  • The content analysis tool



Siteliner is an incredible tool for checking the duplicacy of the site’s content. The tools scan through the content and enable you to see a clear picture of identical content that is present on other websites as well. It assists you to find out the broken links, the number of internal links present on each page, average speed and page size, and so on. You would never want to have plagiarised content on your website and for simplifying your efforts, Siteliner usage can be a big help.



  • – Useful tool for quick audience growth



It is indeed a reliable yet very useful SEO tool that helps in providing the best suggestions for new and trendy keywords that in turn elevate the client’s website reach exponentially. is an amazing tool that assists in advising precise search volume monthly. It gives great new keyword ideas adhering to the present user searches. It also has the option of asking questions linked to the latest keywords that help you in figuring out the question types related to a specific keyword. Right keywords can help you grow your online business if used efficiently and rigorously.



  • Moz- A promising SEO Software



Moz is a handy  SEO software that helps in analyzing the overall performance of your website. It works like magic as it tells you exactly what to amend in order to grow your audience footfall. It goes through every single page of your website and provides its improvement inputs accordingly. It advises on improving on various factors related to SEO tools such as the inclusion of particular keywords in the title or the body content, addition of relevant images and a tag, and so on. This tool helps in increasing the growth at a quicker pace as it provides 100% transparency. It also assists in comparing the site’s performance with that of the competitors and giving an opportunity to optimize the user website to win against one of their competitors. MOZ is a great saviour to have the up to date knowledge about improvement areas of the website.



  • GTMetrix- Helps in determining easy navigation



It is very important to structure your website in such a way that it provides an easy user website experience. GTMetrix helps you determine and analyze the website loading speed and time. A user tends to leave the website in a rush as soon he finds the website not working properly or if he is not able to find the relevant information right at one look. This tool helps you optimize the user experience as it showcases the relevant matrices and a detailed report on the kind of code areas that need to be amended in order to improve the website performance. Worry no more and try out this feature for flexible user usability of a particular website.



  • Screaming Frog- A top-class SEO tool



It is one tool that is super efficient and rated as one of the favourite SEO tools by the top SEO experts. It is one for all SEO tools that saves a lot of time and energy as it does a variety of jobs such as informing you about the duplicate content on your website, 404 errors you need to fix, bad redirections, key areas of improvement for the build-up of network links and so on. It is considered as one of the fastest SEO tools that scan and analyze the website at a relatively quick pace.


All in all, You should definitely try out these SEO tools to magnify user engagement on your online business platform. These SEO tools are responsible for giving a high boost to your website’s current search engine ranking. The inclusion of these SEO tools will surely help you raise business revenues in the longer run.

Updated SEO Tips Guide in 2020

Updated SEO Tips Guide in 2020

Updated SEO tips guide in 2020 by best SEO expert in India, The SEO strategies and techniques are ever-evolving as the world is engaging more on online platforms. It is very important to stay up to date with the latest SEO tools and techniques in order to upscale user engagement. Also, Search engines as Google keeps on updating their algorithms, and because of this reason, there are some SEO experts who find it challenging to keep up with the changing SEO trends. To ease the burden we hereby present some of the useful SEO tips that you can utilize for advancing your client experience:


Main points of updated SEO tips guide in 2020


  • Faster Landing page: 


It is essential to ensure that the immediate landing page of your website is relevant to solving the customer’s query. Stuffing your website with the latest keywords for just the sake of user traffic is pointless if your website does not serve the primary purpose of catering to the requirements of the customer. You should always plan a proper layout wherein you should match the relevant keywords with the content of your website so that the website attracts a large number of audience.


  • Audit Metadata: 


Regularly auditing your metadata proves to be a useful tactic to upgrade online user experience. With Google’s new BERT update the density of keywords is no longer a very efficient method to increase the audience as almost all the websites have Google Crawler bots that are AI-enabled and very well understand the site’s content. There is no need to stuff a number of keywords to the meta descriptions in order to enhance the user accessibility as nowadays customers can easily use the click-through function of the meta descriptions and titles. A smarter approach to optimizing the online user experience would be to use sales language in order to attract the users to the website rather than the traditional technique of stuffing keywords to fulfil character space.


  • Speed up your website: 


You need to focus on the page speed of your website content as it is indeed a significant factor that determines a website’s ranking on the popular search engines. Your website should be functional enough for the customers to easily access your site’s services. For providing a smoother and faster online website experience to the users, you need to concentrate on speeding up your website’s loading time period. 


  • Optimize Website Versions: 


You should focus on creating easy desktop and mobile-friendly versions of your website as more and more people these days tend to open the websites from their mobile phones. The mobile user experience should be as good as the desktop one to increase the audience footfall on your website.


  • Good-quality Content: 


You should ensure that your website content incorporates catchy titles as well as subtitles so that more clients take interest in reading the body content. You should curate your content in an innovative manner and you ought to keep it short and useful so that the customer does not get bored reading your content to the everlasting lengths. An article or a blog should focus on answering the user query in an effective manner so that a customer does not need to spend much time in understanding one single thought. The content optimization can be a game-changer in uplifting your website ranks on the popular search engines.



  • High-quality Link Building: 



In 2020, Google is giving zero value to low quality backlinks. If you have already created low quality backlinks, disavow them and create only high quality do follow backlinks because do follow backlinks help in website ranking & no follow backlinks helps in getting visitors only. According to Mr. Ashish Biyani (SEO Mentor & Co-founder of DeskMoz), we should create do follow and no follow backlinks in a ratio of 70-30.


  • Use Social Media: 


With the youth hooked to numerous social media sites, it is evident that making social media a priority for enhancing your brand image is an efficient option in 2020. Social media sharing of webpage links, shares, and the overall social media visibility in the eyes of the ever-increasing social media users can prove to be a boon for increasing the search engine ranking of your website. The collaboration of Social media platforms and appropriate SEO techniques can bring a positive response to your website. Try advertising your site on various social media platforms and you will be surprised to witness a much-increased audience value and relevance on your business website.


Also read – What is my Social Media Strategy for 2020?


  • Youtube video may help: 


You can consider including a relevant Youtube video on your website page so that the video keeps the user on the specific page for a longer period of time and the Machine learning mechanism makes google think that your content has the most value and this results in increased ranking on the popular search engines.


  • Use Content Themes: 


It is a great technique to focus more on content themes rather than a long list of repetitive keywords. As people are more interested in reading relevant content that intrigues and interests their minds. Yes, you may include the suggested latest keywords but ensure to add them in such a way that they seem natural while reading a comprehensive article or a blog. The addition of content themes is another proven SEO technique that will help in making your content interesting and engaging.


To put everything in a nutshell, It is extremely cardinal to create content relevant to the users. As they say ‘ Content is the King’, It does really matter what different kinds of content curation methods you are using to upgrade the quality of your content and the website. If you set out to craft the right pieces of content it will surely help you in upgrading your site’s authority and trustworthiness. Various SEO tools can be used to simplify your work in enhancing the user experience such as SERPStat and Cora that are well-known SEO softwares used by the experts to up-scale user efficiency and website growth. Try out these latest SEO tips and techniques in 2020 and elevate your business rankings and sales & please let me know your views on our updated SEO tips guide in 2020 in comments.

SEO Tips For Ecommerce Websites in 2020

Top SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites –


  • 1# Find best keywords with higher monthly searches.
  • 2# Do regular competitor analysis.
  • 3# Publish unique content.
  • 4# Write simple & informative product descriptions.
  • 5# Use unique & compressed product images with alt tags.
  • 6# Make SEO friendly URLs.
  • 7# Watch if traffic is converting into sales.
  • 8# Make a mobile friendly website.
  • 9# Fix broken links.
  • 10# Use e-commerce breadcrumbs for better internal linking.
  • 11# Optimize your title tag.
  • 12# Submit sitemap.xml.
  • 13# Use call to action to increase sales.
  • 14# Focus on long tail keywords.
  • 15# Use heading tags properly.
  • 16# Publish blogs regularly.



In 2020, Do you know? To generate more organic sales online, you have to create your e-Commerce website by adding the extra spices by SEO. Launching a search engine optimized online store makes a huge difference for you in terms of organic engagement and sales. It attracts more visitors and if you have enough product information for your visitors and also you have an optimized price for them.  


e-Commerce stores are in trend now, because people love to order things at their doors instead of going out to buy it. And this interest of the audience dominating the online marketplace to show their potential online. If you also want to connect with the advanced mindset of the people who are your buyers then you also have to think to do SEO of your e-Commerce website to compete with your competitors who are already generating huge leads online. 


Let’s discuss 5 SEO tips for your Ecommerce websites which needs your attention if you want to generate more leads and constant traffic growth on your online store: 


Effective Keyword Research


Keyword research is the primary factor of SEO and if you have an e-Commerce store then if you must have the keywords with high volume and it targets the right audience to visit your site. So, on the initial stage of any online store, you need to do in-depth research on keywords and choose the long-tail keywords which are more beneficial for your online promotion. 


For e-Commerce websites, you need to find the user queries that people are searching for the products of your niche. Finding the relevant long-tail keywords and sharing the proper targeting informative content will help you to make you well-recognized online and it creates an easy path which navigates you towards success. Make a list after doing research and then start working on these specific keywords will help you to plan more SEO activities and give you the initial ideas that you are going to target the audience. 


Website Structure


Your e-Commerce website site structure is going to navigate the visitors and the user-friendliness which you have on your website. If you have a complicated structure which is not understood by visitors then Google is also not interested to show you on top. So, make sure that if you are running an online store and the navigations of the site must be easy and for that purpose, you can use breadcrumbs in your website which makes it easy for the users to visit particular URL instantly.  


If you want to make it easy for the visitors, then make sure that on your website every web page has three or fewer clicks on your homepage, adding more than three clicks confused the users and they instantly leave from your website without any purchase. So, not before designing and developing the product pages and categories in your online store draw an easy structure in your mind and on paper which makes you sure that it looks easy to go or not. Then go with an easy and preferable structure for your website to make your website user-friendly and crawlers also love to visit. 


Optimized Product Description


Be very clear about the product descriptions and be specific to insert the details about your product. While you write the content for your website and product description for your offered product, then the keywords which you have selected to target your audience needs your attention. You have to optimize the keywords with your content and make sure that search engine crawlers are understanding that you are offering the same products which users are searching for.


Write your content after optimizing the trends and insert the keywords properly to make sure that  Google gives you the attention on those keywords which will help you to get a higher ranking in search engines. You can also add the phases of the keywords, which your customers are using to find the product which you are selling on your online store. 


Technical & On-Page SEO


E-Commerce website has thousands of web pages on the website, which needs to be perfect if you want to sell your product online. And to generate good leads you need to check all the technical and On-Page factors of each page such as:


  • SSL certification is a must to secure that data of your’s and your customers also. Because your data is the treasure for you. 
  • Check the keywords density and phases you are using in your website to target the right audience. 
  • Check the meta of your website such as meta title, meta description, meta keywords to target the rank one in Google.
  • The page speed of the website also matters; you must have to use the fast server if you have to run your e-Commerce website online.
  • Schema codes also help to summarize your product details in a perfect form to ensure that people find the information which they need before buying it. 


There are more factors which you need to be improved if you want to be on the #1 page in Google and other search engines. 


Link Building


Outsource links which will target your products and websites make a strong online image of your online store. You have to perform many link building activities such as social bookmarking, image sharing, guest posting, classified for the flash deals and other activities to spread your business worldwide. Also, sharing the informative content to get the links from the highly authoritative websites help you to make a strong impression online.  


To build the good backlinks you need to research, you can find the broken links which are related to your business niches and request the author to give you the backlinks. And we must say broken link building is the most effective way to get the higher DA PA links which indicates your website. 


Here you will find the 5 SEO tips for Ecommerce websites which helps you to start your online store and know how to target the digital world by taking the small steps from your side. You will find your website on top one day if you follow all the 5 SEO tips which we have shared with you here for your eCommerce store.

Best SEO Tips for Real Estate in 2020

Best SEO Tips for Real Estate Website in 2020 by SEO Specialist Prempal Singh, Real Estate industry is the most competitive field whether we talk about the online & offline. But if you perform the SEO of your real estate website following the Google Algorithms then you will find the huge rewards. 

In 2020, when we talk about real estate SEO the main purpose of realtors is to target the local audiences to visit their website. Which means the local ranking of real estate websites matters a lot, and this below guide will give you the Best SEO Tips for real estate websites which will help you to grow online and to generate more leads in the local market. 


Let us start:


1. On-Page Optimization

When we talk about SEO, the on-site factors play the primary role because this is how search engine crawlers will see your website. So make sure that all the on-page factors are up-to-date on your website if you want to be the top realtor online. The factors which you should consider in your website are: 


  • Keyword Research & Placement
  • Keyword Density on web pages
  • Add local address schema code
  • Add your contact details properly
  • Internal Linking for the navigation


You must be sure about all the on-site factors which can dominate the Google ranking and also beat your competitors. Realtors must invest their time in research to know about the market trends and the local area audience interest to target the right audience. 


2. Informative Real Estate Post

Write the informative real estate facts and posts & give the backlinks to the relevant posts which are ranking on top. The posts which are ranking on top in search engines and relevant to real estate which grow the value of your post and you will also find a place in #1 page of search engines. 


Choosing the correct anchor text and links to the top posts will help you to get the attention of the crawlers and they will give you the higher ranking in search engines. The most important thing is, you have to keep the consistency in linking your neighbourhood posts with the same anchor texts because if you do it for the different anchor texts then Google will get confused about what you want to target and it will affect your website’s ranking. 


3. Google Reviews

Google reviews play an important role to get the place in Local map searches and if you have good reviews on it then Google will consider you on top when local searchers insert a query related to your niche of real estate. So, if you have a huge customer base then connect with them and request them to write a review on your Google listing which works for you to get the top ranking. Also, Google reviews are a vital part of the local SEO. 


The two points about Google Reviews which you need to know are: 


  1. You must have a high number of reviews 
  2. The 300 & more words in your customer’s reviews rank you up 


So, connect with all of your customers to request them to write a review about your real estate services now and grab the more attention of the local searchers.


4. Local Listing

If you are serving in a particular area then you must have to list your business in local listing directories and business listing websites with the proper address and also insert the brief information about your services and locations in which you are serving your real estate services. 


Find out the local business listing website’s list and filter it for the proper targeting of the local area to make sure that your name must be in the top realtors while people search online about the real estate services in your area. 


5. Page loading Speed

Now if you are on the top then you must have to make sure that the loading speed of your pages is fast and less than 3 seconds. Choose the server which must be fast and load each of your web pages without any error. As in the real estate website, the images and description matter a lot and insert lots of images effects in the speed of the website. 


So, you have to make sure that before uploading the images, optimize the images and use the fastest servers to ensure that your website loading speed is liked by users and Google will also love the speed.


6. Website’s Responsiveness

A website which is responsive adjusts the structure of the website according to the screen size. So instruct your website’s developers to add the responsive codes. The navigations and features of the mobile-friendly sites helps you to rank you up on the search engines. 


7. Off-Page SEO

If you want to reach more & more customers and want the rank in #1 page in Google so the property local searches finds you the best, you must have to create the backlinks for your website. The off-page activities which you can perform are web 2.0 blogs, article submission, social bookmarking, image sharing, classified and other actions you can perform to reach the top of search engines. 


You can also perform the broken link building process which is good to promote your website by getting the backlinks from the high DA PA websites. 


These are a few Best SEO Tips for real estate which can be implemented in your real estate websites to build SEO-friendly sites which are also loved by Google and other search engines.  


More SEO tips for realtors are here which you want to ask before launching a real estate website online: 


  • What are your goals and business objectives?
  • How will you create an easy to navigate website for visitors?
  • How will you invite an interested audience to buy the property?
  • What is the personal branding strategy for your business?


Now, it’s time to launch a real estate website now if you want to be the best realtors in your area. And still, if you are confused about the SEO factors and want to learn more then stay tuned with us. We have the amazing SEO tips for the realtors which they must love to hear.