Why Prempal Singh is the best SEO expert

Why Prempal Singh is the best SEO expert

Having Deep Knowledge of SEO, During my 3+ years Digital Marketing professional career, I have worked on diverse projects consisting of SEO, Blogging, Copywriting, Local Search Marketing, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Screen Casting, YouTube SEO and more.


Why you should hire me as your SEO Expert?

SEO, a term on which your online business image depends & the practice which can make your business a big online brand from scratch. Only you need an SEO expert who knows how to dominate the search engines to rank your website on top of the SERP because SEO Experts knows what they are doing & what should they have to do to promote websites online according to their niche. And You must be happy to know Prempal Singh is the best SEO Consultant in India have the 5+ years of experience and manage hundreds of SEO projects from a long time. 

Prempal Singh and his team are working on the client’s business goals which make them successful in finding the best SEO strategy for the particular business which helps them to gain more traction and revenue. He uses the best possible SEO activities and upgrades to make things better & best for your business and to give you the brand identity in less time. Prempal Singh is known as the best SEO Freelancer India as he started with a strong knowledge about SEO to gain more & more engagement for the website he was working on and his dedication & the way he sees the SEO changed the old SEO strategies in a manner, we can say it “USP of SEO Expert Prempal Singh”. He replaced the old SEO strategies & methodologies with his new USPs which 100% works for the businesses and give them the top ranking in Google and other search engines. 

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The look over the potential of best SEO Expert in India Prempal Singh and well-renowned SEO freelancer India by checking his successfully completed SEO projects and long-term client’s list. The projects best SEO Consultant in India completed are still ranking in Google and other search engines & gaining the good revenues, you can believe in their reviews about Prempal. The more you explore the SEO expertise of Prempal Singh & his team the more you will become surprised that how he gained that much of knowledge about SEO & reached on the level where you will find him in the list of best SEO expert in India and SEO freelancer India. 

If you are still confused in choosing the best SEO Consultant in India for your business, then you can contact Prempal Singh before taking the right decision for your business. He will explain to you each & everything he performs for your business to gain the traffic and potential customers for your business online. He is also very much clear about his SEO goals which make him more focused on gaining the number of customers & he is doing the same by completing SEO projects successfully and he also has a number of long term SEO projects to maintain the SERP rankings & to keep an eagle’s eye on the client’s competitors that what they are doing to gain the revenues & ranking to stay one step ahead from them. Which means if you have decided to hire Prempal Singh as an SEO freelancer India then you are already on the way to success and it will be yours soon. 

My USPs as an SEO Expert 

When you are searching for the best SEO expert in India for your business, then the one thing which you should keep in mind is- on which USPs SEO Expert is working on and how they will give you the desired position in SERP to complete your business goals. When you contact Prempal Singh and his team, you’ll find his USPs of performing SEO activities are very clear and impressive. Have a look on the USPs as an SEO Freelancer India, he uses:

As SEO expert he knows what he is doing: The fact of changing SEO strategies and algorithms are not concealed in the online marketing and by taking care of all the facts & changes working with the right SEO solutions makes Prempal Singh the expert SEO freelancer India. He knows how to dominate the search engines and how to perform the right SEO activities which gives positive results & gain the top ranking in SERP for the client’s websites. 

You will get affordable SEO packages: By choosing the best SEO Expert India, will save your money & time both. He is offering the best SEO services at an affordable price and also expert to find the best ways to gain the potential leads and traffic for the customers. He believes in organic results and he believes to make your business a brand in less investment. 

As an SEO Expert he understands analytics: Do you know how to utilize the business analytics to implement the right things to promote your business online? No….?? Then it’s time to hire an SEO expert to give you the right stats and find out the right audience response on your business services & products to know where you have to improve your business solutions. The SEO Expert will read your online audience behaviours and give you the right solutions for your business betterment. 

Your potential leads will increase: Choosing the best SEO expert in India will let you know the right audience who are genuinely interested in your business and want to hear from you. The right targeted audience will help you to gain more potential leads and increase your business sales which are beyond your expectations if your selection of SEO freelancers India is right. And with the expertise in SEO Prempal Singh is ready to serve you the best SEO solutions in your budget. 

Avoid costly mistakes: Do you aware of the penalty which is not good for your website? Google penalizes websites if they are not according to the algorithms which will be very important to grab the higher ranking in search engines. The SEO expert will work with the white hat SEO techniques which will make your website 100% fair according to the algorithm and gain ranking in SERP fast.   

On Page SEO Techniques Prempal & his team uses: 

Onpage SEO techniques play a vital part in ranking and the very initial SEO activity which is performed by SEO experts. Prempal & his team have the expertise in making the website SEO friendly by resolving all the present issues which are against the Google algorithms and by updating all the on-page factors which are a must. The on-page SEO Techniques which is performed by us are:

Technical SEO: Technical SEO decides that your website is fair 7 secure enough to run online or not. We perform both manual and software checking to find out the technical factors such as SSL Certification, coding complications, website speed, duplicate content issues, mobile-friendly, AMP codes insertion, XML Sitemap and other technical factors are verified by SEO Expert before switch on the other factors. 

Website Meta tags: Meta title, meta description and meta keywords play an important role in ranking. The keyword present in these factors will decide that you are ranking on which keywords. Our SEO expert team will make sure that your website meta has the fair ratio of the meta.

Keyword Research: Targeting the right keywords will give the businesses potential leads and help them to gain a good reputation in the online market. Our SEO experts use the paid keyword research tools to come up with the best keyword list which will help the businesses to gain their business goals. 

URL Structure: The URL Structure of the website and inner pages must be very easy and understandable if you want to gain the ranking fast. Our team of SEO check each of the URL in your website and make the required changes in their structure before going live to make sure that search engines can read it easily. 

Image SEO: The image is not readable by the search engines if you not mention alt text in it. Which means your website’s visuals only worth if you use the alternative text to define the images. We analyze all the visuals on your website and add the alt text in all the images to make your website’s visuals worth for your business. 

Internal linking: The internal linking of the website inner web pages is must to link these pages with each other. It also plays an essential role in SEO on-page factors, we find out the pages which need to be linked with each other and do it to stronger your website on-page presence.

Competitor analysis: To rank on the first page in Google is a big thing and it needs a deep analysis of the already ranked websites that what they are doing to stay on top and our SEO experts find out their online strategy to make better strategy than them to make sure that very soon you will take their position on top by beating them with our SEO expertise.

When you choose us as your SEO team, we will take care of all the factors and make your website the best to launch and to gain attention. All on-page factors need to be check and update as per the algorithm changes & our team of best SEO expert in India do these changes frequently to make sure that your website will be up-to-date and good to go online world to gain more engagement and to gain the higher ranking. 

Off Page SEO Techniques Prempal & his team uses: 

Social Networks Sharing: Sharing the website on social networks is the best way to expand the reach and to make the people know about your business. We use the social networking to spread your business solutions and to make your business a big brand because social platforms are the sources which can make your business a brand if your presence will look powerful on these platforms. 

Blogging: For outsource, links blogging is the best way, you will get the high authoritative links from the good blogs and it will reflect your business trusted to rank higher on search engines. The crawlers will find your website most trusted if your website is linked with the good blogs. 

Link Building: Link building is the best way to gain the value online and to make search engines know that you are the active service providers of your business niche and regular link building will help you to gain more & more engagement on your website. We use the high DA PA links to make links for your website and to gain more value. 

Link Baiting:  Link baiting is an organic way to gain links from other blogs. We keep the good content on your blog which will be viral soon and the viral links get the references faster which will make your website good user-friendly and you will gain the trust fast. 

Business Reviews: We connect with your customers and tell them to leave a review on Google which will make your business look more genuine and reviews are nowadays is the most important factor and more searched things by the people before choosing anything. We help you to gain genuine reviews from your old and existing customers to highlight your business.

Local Listing: There are a number of websites for the listing who allows listing business locally and we have a good collection of local listing websites which will give you the stronger local presence and to gain the local customers to make them potential for your business. 

And some offpage techniques I used to make high quality backlinks :

  • Press Release Submission
  • Article submission
  • Blog Creation and Blog Promotion (Content Marketing)
  • Image Sharing
  • PDF Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Profile Creation
  • Blog Commenting
  • Content Editing & Content Rewriting
  • Link Exchange (Reciprocal Linking)
  • RSS Feed Submission ( Really Simple Syndication)
  • Google, Bing Search Engine Indexing
  • Forum New Post Creation & Reply Posting
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Local & International Directory Submission
  • Geo Listing and Local Listing (Classified Submissions & Google Map Submissions)

With all these activities and SEO solutions the best SEO freelancer India Prempal Singh with his team make your business a big brand and also maintain your online visibility with his expertise and knowledge of the SEO. Now it’s time to gain more & more attention online for your business to get the customer which your business services or products deserve let us do it for you. 

Contact now and choose Google Certified the best SEO Expert in India and best SEO SEO freelancer India & make the identity throughout the world. Know about the affordable SEO packages and decide!

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