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Are you struggling to build a valuable brand image? Stressed about the company’s online presence? We at Prempalsingh.com, boast our chests in great pride as our services have always been customer’s favorites. We provide SEO services like E-commerce SEO services, Global and national SEO, Local SEO, Enterprise SEO, Content Marketing, Technical SEO, Off-page as well as on-page SEO services, Guest posting, and other such significant SEO services.

Prempal Singh aims to implement winning SEO methodologies that can help you quickly yet efficiently. Our major objective is to build an impactful online reputation for your offline brand. It may seem difficult on your part but you have to trust our SEO Services in India and wait for the magic to be spelled on your business website. We leave no stone unturned in helping you out with efficient marketing as well as SEO services that create an empowering image in the minds of your audience. 

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Why Are SEO Experts In High Demand?

SEO or search engine optimization is a fundamentally significant advertising methodology for organizations today. Businesses these days have unique goals, existing marketing strategies, needs, company culture, and budget as well as other resources. SEO can surely help a company to grow heights. Rivalry for the top spots in Google, Bing, and other web index results is furious. This isn’t unexpected since 89 percent of clients inquire about items, administrations, or organizations online before making a purchase. As an outcome, 61% of advertisers state improving SEO and developing their organic audience presence is their top priority. SEO indeed plays a vital role in the growth of the business, some of the ways are listed below:

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Brand Awareness

Visibility is the major game player to make your brand famous. Introducing your business to the top web search tool results will increase countless guests, which thus upgrades your Brand’s value. Positioning higher for numerous keywords does a significant job in brand awareness.

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Increment in inbound traffic

Websites that possess the top positions in web search results create the most traffic. 33 percent of web traffic goes to the first link result, and an astounding 91 percent of traffic goes to results on the primary page. An SEO Expert will upgrade your site so it increases a higher online search rank.

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Elevate user engagement via social media platforms

An SEO organization can furnish you with the most recent keywords for your social media posts and even upgrade your pictures and videos in your present social media post so that they look more intriguing to the target audience. This builds an excellent client engagement with your organization, which encourages them to see your business as a trusted and reliable enterprise.

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Improve the working of your site

Without a clear route and simple functionality, guests leave ineffectively performing sites in a rush. Half of the online deals are lost since guests can’t discover content with easy processing functions on the site. When you employ an SEO Freelancer, they will do a page-by-page review to streamline your site for the best execution on the work area which is simple to use for the audience.

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Upgrade the understanding with clients

Our SEO Specialists can utilize Google Analytics or different software to reveal data about your guests’ online exercises. By breaking down which pages clients visit the most, where guests invest the most energy, and where different moves are made, SEO Professional can assist you with understanding your client. Discovering which items and services your clients are generally intrigued by and different bits of knowledge will assist you to tailor your client approach and you can be more adherent to your client’s actual needs and interests.

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SEO Team Gives You Long-Lasting Results

If you don’t produce effective results in about a specific time period, you lose the valuable dollars you spent in marketing your product. SEO, then again, lets you reap the benefits of the evergreen usage of the Internet and encourages you to remain in the front line. It gets you durable long-lasting outcomes, given that you are investing in a good amount of energy to stand apart from your competitors and hiring the perfect SEO Consultant in India. More and more people will find your brand online from the high online search rank.

Outstanding & Affordable SEO Packages

Discover our most popular SEO Plans

Basic Plan

  • 0 - 10 Keywords
  • Advanced Keywords Research
  • Onpage SEO (All Tasks)
  • Offpage SEO (Linkbuilding)
  • Weekly Reports & 24*7 Support

Premium Plan

  • 10 - 30 Keywords
  • Advanced Keywords Research
  • Onpage SEO (All Tasks)
  • Offpage SEO (Linkbuilding)
  • Weekly Reports & 24*7 Support

Advanced Plan

  • 30 - 60 Keywords
  • Advanced Keywords Research
  • Onpage SEO (All Tasks)
  • Offpage SEO (Linkbuilding)
  • Weekly Reports & 24*7 Support


Most frequently asked questions about our Freelance SEO Services

  • What is an SEO Consultant?

    In 2021, An SEO Consultant is a certified expert who is proficient in manipulating every aspect of Search Engine Optimization to help independent businesses to attain an individual status on the competitive digital platform. A prominent SEO Consultant tends to formulate effective strategies to attain higher SEO rankings, increased targeted traffic, and eventually tremendous profits for the e-commerce websites. With the compensation of top-notch training, tactics, creativity, and execution, the SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant implements practical solutions to drive traffic by generating organic crawls of SEO spiders to enhance the Google Ranking.

  • Who is the Best SEO Expert in India?

    Prempal Singh is the best SEO Expert in India as he is the one who can rank your website on the top in Google SERP for keywords that are potentially more lead-generating & He is a Google Certified SEO Expert with 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Prempal believes in practicing only white hat SEO and he is someone who understands the intricate policies and practices of Google – a leading search engine.

  • What is our SEO Process?

    There are many changes in SEO after Google updates like Broad Core May 2021 so to implement SEO strategies to run a website most prolifically, The SEO Expert in India must retain a standard experience of administering complicated techniques of Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO so #1 SEO Expert in India Prempal Singh can handle each responsibility with utmost perfection and efficiency. We have practical expertise in utilizing various SEO and SMO tools to direct the requisite procedures perfectly. Our mighty SEO Compensation incorporates these compelling processes- Click Here.

  • What are the benefits of SEO for Small Business?

    Search Engine Optimization is a key factor that can help small businesses grow exponentially specially in 2021 in this COVID-19 situations. An SEO-Friendly website is expeditious, utilitarian, user-friendly platforms that tend to occupy the prime positions in search engine ranking. This availability exceptionally draws potential customers to the website and ultimately boosts conversion rates. SEO further enhances brand awareness for your business implying web users are more inclined to trust a site that is on the front rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs). The better web recognition on SERP actually helps the small business to bypass the competitors’ websites. Here are the key benefits of SEO for Small Business-

    User-Friendly Websites: Faster, Smoother, and Highly Operative Websites.
    Earn More Customers: Enhanced targeted audience and higher potentiality of winning customers
    Entrenched Brand Awareness: Improved recognition by internet users through special SEO rankings.
    Better Conversion Rate: SEO-optimised websites can be loaded by anyone on any device like laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets.
    Competition with Big Business Giants: Get in front of your target market and steal customers from other massive brands.
    Access To Consumer Data: Drive your business maneuverings by accessing incredibly valuable data and relevant information.
    Reduced Expenses: The spontaneous ranking on the SERP scale organically promotes your company’s presence that further saves your money by excluding the needs of conventional advertisements.

  • Is SEO Expert helpful in reviving business from COVID-19?

    Yes, SEO Expert is very helpful in reviving business as he helps your business website to rank on top of the Google rankings which helps you in reaching your targeted customers and generate leads frequently.

  • How much time will it take to rank my website?

    While most other websites take years to stand in the SERP rank, at Prempalsingh.com, we assure you three months to six months term for your ultimate website optimization to relinquish the prime position in the SEO results. With the associated compensation of competent SEO and SMO strategies, our service apply contrives the factors that play pivotal roles in the ranking process.

  • Does an SEO Expert give a guarantee of SEO ranking?

    Guarantee of SEO ranking is not given by any of the SEO Expert or Agency but we keep our process so transparent with our clients which benefits them and generates more trust in building our relationship. However we give the desired results and outcomes of SEO ranking according to the customer requirements.

  • How much does it cost to do SEO?

    For  Freelance SEO Services in India, you’ll normally be charged between $99 to $999 per month.

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