Thank you for showing your interest in writing for us.

Finally, after one year of hard work and dedication, I have taken my blog to a stage where I can help other newbie bloggers, businesses, and like-minded people in scaling their online businesses, website, or blog.

I have started accepting “Guest posts” so that other bloggers, online business, and web-masters can showcase their content in front of a wide audience.

Why you should submit your content on our website?

Contributing your article to our blog would definitely help you in getting a lot of exposure and SEO value as well. Yes, we know the importance of links in SEO. 

Following are the guidelines for contributing an article to our website

  • The length of your article must be 1000+ words. If not, then it will be automatically rejected. We would appreciate it if you could write up to 3000 or more words. The higher the word count, the better will be your chances of getting the article published.
  • Submit your post only in Google docs.
  • Please do include statistics, important facts, and relevant citations in your content. Also, give relevant credit to stats, facts, and images if you have taken them from somewhere else.
  • Your article should be free from grammatical errors. If we found any grammatical and spelling mistakes in your article, it will be rejected.
  • No affiliate links. If we find affiliate links in your article then it will be rejected for sure.
  • No copied content, duplicate content, or plagiarism issue. 
  • Include 3-4 images in PNG format. Plus, a featured image relevant to your article. Size of your featured image should be 300px x 150px.
  • No external links to pornographic, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, pornography, payday loan website, or any other non-legit website.
  • If we see an obvious attempt to make contextual links to your post will be removed. For example: when the words like digital marketing agency in KolkataDigital marketing company in IndiaBloggers in Delhi, and so on.
  • Listicle content is fine as long as they are actionable, in-depth, and valuable to our audience. We don’t want 200 ways to drive traffic on your blog.
  • Use subheadings, lists, images, and small paragraphs to break up chunks of text. Make your post highly readable and unique.

Topics that we cover at The Digital Skipper

  • Digital marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Blogging.
  • Digital marketing, blogging, SEO, and business tools.
  • Email marketing.
  • SEO.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Marketing tips and hacks.

How to submit your content?

  • 3 to 4 content suggestions (the headlines should be eye captivating-grabbing)
  • List of targeting keywords with their search volume.
  • At least 3 written samples or previously published guest work.
  • Send all the details to info@prempalsingh[dotcom].

We have a Right to:

  • Remove links that we find too promotional.
  • Edit or delete your article in the future.
  • Modify your article.

If you are all set then submit your pitch at info@prempalsingh[dotcom].