What is SEO?

  • 5th September 2021
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What is SEO

Getting organic traffic on a commercial or a business website is not an easy task. A company’s success depends on its ability to retain old customers and get new customers every day. There is no doubt that the performance of a site is indirectly linked to its customer retention rate. So, the big question here is how can a website engage more customers and generate more sales and profits for the business owners? What if there was an easy way for you to get quality backlink profiles and get the optimized elements and content for the on-page of your site? The answer is simple- SEO.

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the process by which your business site whether old or new can become more accessible and visible to your target audience. Nowadays, brands are competing with each other to stay ahead in both offline and online markets. Every brand wants its site to be the first thing a customer sees every time they look for a particular product or service to buy.

It is a technique that is used to increase online traffic in terms of both quantity and quality. If you are thinking of launching a new product in the market, you can use SEO to generate brand awareness and reach potential customers. The website can be used as an effective marketing tool only if its search engine rank is higher. With the use of precise keywords and the right content, the customer will be able to come across your website and get the required information about the type of products and services offered by your brand. Their buying decision will be affected if the consumers find the content available on your site interesting.

Various benefits and advantages of using the technique of Search Engine Optimization for your business-

Raising brand awareness-

With the right use of SEO, you can create a brand image for your company. As soon as your site gains the top position in the online market, more website traffic will be generated. This is a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness. Your site will automatically become the prime search result in Google.

The desired outcome-

Every company and business organization has one goal that is to make more profit and sales. SEO will help you achieve the desired goals and objectives in less time. More customers will get access to your site and you will be able to expand your business and your target audience located all over the world. High visibility on the internet is the fastest way for your business to succeed.


SEO is not just limited to commercial websites, you can also use it to gain more followers on social media. Creating a social media profile for your brand will help you build a network and bring potential clients and customers every day. You can use this opportunity to hire employees and collaborate on a joint business venture as well.

Quantitative results-

SEO uses special Google algorithms so that you can see the total number of website views your site gets in a day. Seeing the rise in numbers will help you keep a track of your success. You will be able to implement the SEO campaign and marketing strategy and view the results and site statistics.

Accessible site-

SEO will help you build a user-friendly site that will be easy to access. The customers will be directed to your webpage by using specific keywords.

It is a well-known fact that SEO is very crucial for the expansion of your business. From gaining online visibility to branding, SEO provides dynamic support to your site. Online customers prefer to click on the first search result that appears as soon as they enter the keywords. SEO is considered one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies that help customers to find the right product on time.

Gaining insight into what exactly it is that your customer wants will help you offer new and improved services. The purpose of using Google Analytics in SEO is to measure the daily amount of web traffic. The data and statistics will help you set the goals and objectives accordingly.

Following are the factors that will help you determine the success rate of your company-

  • How does a particular customer view your site?
  • The set of keywords used by them to come across your site.
  • The total amount of time spent by the customer on your site.
  • The kind of technology used by the customer to open your site.
  • The geographical location of the customer.

Such type of data and information can be used by your company to make informed decisions and execute the right SEO strategy.

Know all about the different types of SEO techniques-

On-site SEO-

When it comes to onsite SEO, a business website is optimized and relevant content is provided so that the site can become more accessible. Special attention is paid to the keyword research in order to analyze the words used by the customers to search the brand along with their frequency. It also involves technical auditing where the website is indexed and geo-targeted so that the brand can reach out to the target audience. The objective behind using on-site SEO is to make the site easy to use. Various SEO tools are used such as Title tags, Meta tags, headings, images, and URLs.

Offsite SEO-

In the case of offsite SEO, backlinks are provided to the site. Google determines the ranking of the site on the basis of the overall structure of your site. With the on-page alignment and the use of relevant content, the site’s search engine ranking is improved. Link building helps the site get more reputable links from other sites which makes it more credible and trustworthy.

Methods to do SEO:

White hat SEO-

In the case of white hat SEO, every strategy, plan, and tactic used is according to the Google terms and conditions. Better quality content is offered so that the site can load quickly. Here keywords that contain meta tags are used so that the webpage can gain online visibility. It includes features such as content development, website HTML optimization, and website restructuring.

Black hat SEO-

In the case of black hat SEO, every strategy, plan, and tactic used is against the Google terms and conditions for example Keyword Stuffing, Use of tools to create backlinks, Spam links, etc.

How does Search Engine Optimization work for your website?

Analysis of the business websites-

The first step includes analyzing the text and keywords to identify the current position of your business website online. The type of code and text used on the site is also analyzed. Not only your site but the business side of your current competitors are also analyzed to determine their search engine positioning strategy. A special list containing the names of targeted keywords and search terms is created based on the market segment and target audience.

Research for keywords-

Once the business sites of the competitors are analyzed, the right set of keywords is created. The second step involves finding out the total number of websites that are competing for the same keywords and phrases. You will be able to see improvements in your search engine ranking in the upcoming days and weeks. You will be able to measure the ROI for any SEO strategy implemented. Whether your company’s goal is to increase the total visitors per day or increase the conversion rate, SEO will help you achieve your goals and objectives before the set deadline.

Content optimization-

You will be able to create the articles, blogs, descriptions, reviews and product specifications, names of the products and services using the keywords provided to you by the SEO Company. This way whenever a customer types a certain keyword, they will be redirected to your webpage. With more customers coming across your site, the online webpage traffic will automatically increase. You will also be able to use the meta description tags to improve the search engine ranking. To optimize the content with ease, phrases can be used in the web pages for better search results. The keywords are simply added to the source code of your site and the content that is made available for the customers.

Use of new sitemaps-

The development of new Google sitemaps makes your site more accessible and easy to search. You can create both XML and HTML versions of the sitemaps so that they can be submitted through Google and other webmaster tools. Your website will be submitted to the directory which will make your website pages indexed.

Testing and Measuring-

After implementing the right SEO strategy, you will be able to analyze the search engine rankings as well as the web traffic. You will be able to test the effectiveness of the strategy and how well your business site is performing in both on-site and off-site SEO. You can also evaluate the performance of each keyword.

Maintenance of the site-

SEO is a dynamic process that keeps on evolving. The keywords you used a few weeks back may not generate the same result as they used to. That is why it is necessary that you keep on researching new keywords and use them instead of the old ones. You can start by reviewing the outbound links. The best way to maintain your site is by posting regular articles and blogs so that you can use the keywords more effectively.
SEO will help you to monitor the result of each and every SEO strategy. If for some reason, if your site doesn’t get enough visitors, then you can change the strategy and implement a whole new SEO plan. Search engine optimization is the right way to increase the lead generation rate and streamline the site thus engaging more clients.

Investing in the services of SEO will be beneficial for you on a long-term basis whether you own an e-commerce site or a non-e-commerce site. Once you take the services of SEO, you will be able to assess every SEO-oriented move that is implemented to increase website traffic and rate of conversion. You can access the demographic information of your valuable customers and build a level of trust with your target audience. Being a cost-effective online marketing strategy, SEO is a widely used technique as it specifically targets the customers who want to buy a certain product or service sold by your company. Contact Prempal Singh If you are looking to hire an SEO expert.

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