AI on the Digital Marketing Landscape- Impact, Advertising and Behavior

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Everyone is thinking about the impacts of AI on digital marketing. Many SEO experts say AI will dead the SEO and Digital Marketing and many say it will help digital marketing and digital marketing experts.

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence?

What do we mean when we use terms like Artificial Intelligence or AI? Maybe, we visualise a complex set of computers or a synthetic consciousness created by humans or maybe, something that we see in popular science fiction movies. However, moving on from the complex jargon, let’s understand what AI is. AI or Artificial Intelligence is a technology that accomplishes tasks and orders controlled by humans, or in other words, controlled by human intelligence. In recent years, AI has found its use in multiple sectors like disease diagnosis, problem-solving, and even emotional recognition. 

With its onset in the digital marketing landscape, let’s understand the impacts of AI on digital marketing:

AI Marketing


The technology of AI Marketing is essentially used to enhance user experience and the customer’s journey. Simultaneously, we can also understand the return on investment ratio and improve the marketing accordingly. Big data analytics and machine learning play a prominent role in this section as businesses understand the requirements of their target audience. The idea is simple, which is that businesses need to be more target audience-oriented, which essentially means that procuring what the target audience wants and likes automatically leads to higher conversion rates. The more leads you get on your website, the more chances there are to convert them into revenues. These insights help clients touch points and establish businesses as they produce consumers’ favourite products and services. 

Now there is a great amount of guesswork, which is also time-consuming, that goes into this client interaction. Businesses need proper strategies and pointers to create products that will hit the target audience and convert them into leads. This is where AI comes into use, as it eliminates almost eighty per cent of the guesswork required in client interaction when businesses are doing email campaigns or customer support services. Now you might not have everything done using AI, and there might be a lot of manual content that you have already established on your website. All of these manual procedures can also be automated through AI. So basically, all your content generation, PCC ads, web designs, content designs- almost everything can be done through AI. 

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Influence of AI on Digital Marketing

Marketing campaigns are the backbone of a business in this digital era. Think about it, almost everyone is on their smartphones or laptops. Thus, it is smart to utilise these digital devices and social media to promote their businesses, as there is a much higher chance of your target customer seeing you. Streamlining and optimising marketing campaigns when you are doing digital marketing with the help of AI is a smart and quick way to promote your business. Not only does it save a lot of time, but also reduces the chances of human error. While it’s true that a majority of the content establishes itself through the creativity of the human brain, AI software uses data to construct a well-made report. 

Now, AI cannot infuse emotions like empathy, compassion, or even a narrative, but you can use your human creativity and use AI to structure them. Perhaps, this is a major bane and boon, all at once when you consider AI and its immense scope in content creation. 

AI and Content Creation

Every business needs content. You need carefully structured, yet enigmatic content to attract your target audience. Now you cannot just write content for the sake of it. Your content needs to be unique, to the point, and yet structured well so that customers come to your website to check out your products or services. Content has reached its peak, to the extent a lot of companies and businesses use only content as their primary sort of marketing. Therefore, it is no surprise that AI finds its use in such content making so that businesses do not need to perform manual labour on creating scores of content for their products. 

A great benefit of using AI for content for your digital marketing is that not only can you create the content but also curate it before delivering it to your target audience through the channels that they are most active in. Though for now, AI can’t create content that comes from the brilliance of the human mind, we can expect it to produce feasible subjects for writers or even content drafts shortly. Strategically speaking, AI does possess the competence to help marketers in producing and developing an end-to-end market strategy. 

AI Enhancing Digital Advertising 

It is no secret that AI has revolutionised advertising strategies. Today’s digital advertising techniques are almost impossible without the utilisation of AI. Even your LED billboards use AI, such is the power of this amazing technology. While it’s true that inventiveness builds great advertisements for businesses, a business cannot function on just inventiveness alone. Targeting your ideal audience and then delivering the products that they are looking for is the most important aspect of digital marketing.

How many times have you just skipped an ad or blocked the number that sends promotional messages from B2B brands? Now the idea of this is to maintain user interaction, but too much advertising takes the whole initiative in the reverse direction. Not only will you lose customers, but you’ll also end up losing a lot of money on these advertisements. This is where businesses use AI to improve their ROI by displaying advertisements to only the relevant population who are looking for such products or are interested in them. 

Chatbox Usage


Chatbox is a revolutionary game changer and there are multiple websites which already use them. The primary influence chatbox has is on user interaction. Let’s say your business is massive and you are unable to respond to every minor query in person. Chatbox automates a set of queries that customers usually ask and generate relevant responses on the same. It saves the customer’s time as they get instant replies and the business’s time as they do not need to invest time on a matter that can be handled through automation. However, the chatbox doesn’t end the user interaction in case they want to speak to a person from the support team. Only basic questions can be answered and the chat is resolved if the customer is satisfied with the response. 

Behaviour and Predictive Analysis

Data Scientists and programmers are hired in the marketing department to establish marketing campaign foundations. With so many people using the same website possessing different behavioural patterns, it is almost impossible for a human to analyze the behavioural pattern. Here is where businesses use AI to make a behavioural analysis and a predictive pattern analysis.




A lot of businesses invest heavily in AI for digital marketing and all the right reasons. AI bridges the gap between enhanced digital experience, customer interaction, and product creation and the timeline human resources would have taken to complete it. With so much data around, creating a structured system can be done easily with the use of AI. This immensely improves your audience interaction, improving conversion rates and simultaneously boosting your sales. Contact SEO experts for affordable SEO packages in India.

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