Website SEO Audit Process & Report Creation for Client

A website is a doorway to the world you offer to the targeted customers to avail your products and services. Owning a website is mandatory for a business’s portfolio and brand awareness. These days, the internet has opened windows of opportunities and applications for the users to make their life convenient. A website is a part of the online marketing purposes adopted by a business to gain more attention and traffic. 

A website’s performance will determine the future of an online business. Every single entity and its attributes are linked with the success of a website. There are many parameters that set the functionality of a website. Checking the parameters and performance of the website on a regular basis is of utmost importance. This is where the website SEO audit services offered by reputed companies in India fit well in the picture.

What is website SEO audit?

An audit is performed to check the functioning status of anything concerned to a business. Similarly, a website SEO audit is the process where an overall analysis of the connected factors influencing the website’s performance is done. Web performance depends and determined by various factors. The prime motive of this venture is to detect the weak sections of the online platform and also find the faults in online campaigns done by the business.

A thorough examination of the performance of pages and web architecture will lead to the pros and cons of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy used by the company to gain internet visibility. The experts suggest seeking Website SEO Audit services from the leading agencies so that the online portal can be transformed to perform better making significant changes. The prime motto of this service is to detect faults, scout weak points, and maximize SEO outputs. This service can either be done by the in-house IT department or via an outsourced agency.

Types of assessment made

The Website SEO Audit venture includes the following sections performed to check various aspects of a website catered by the business.

  1. Performance assessment

The performance of a website is calculated in various dimensions. The audit will focus on various factors such as user’s navigational easement, every web page included, page hierarchy, web blogs, articles, posts, landing pages and any other content related to the business.

Here are the segments where performance assessment should be focused on.

  • Maximum usability

It is obvious that revenue generation is directly proportional to lead generation. Your website should be well-designed to attract and retain leads to convert them into customers. The performance of your website will decide all these things.

Only having a website will not do the trick. The efficiency of a website is first determined by its navigational easement. An audit will reveal specific information regarding the navigational issues a user faces while scouting your online portal. A user will visit your website to seek information regarding what you are offering to the mass. A business-related content, information regarding resources such as product/services, customer testimonials, etc are the prime focus of the users. The usability of your website will increase considerably if you include these points below.

  • Easy access to the business’ value propositions via easy navigation.
  • Intuitive and simple design for better understanding of the visitors.
  • De-cluttered content and information delivery.
  • Proper page layouts and web page design complying with the business brand.
  • Lead conversion path via intuitive checkout process.
  • A minimum or no distraction for the leads to stop getting diverted.

Go for a user-testing protocol before launching the new design of your website. Find out the possible pain points via the drill.

  • Website speed

The website speed depends on the content volume. The size of images, videos, and other elements will decide the page loading speed. A survey suggests that a user will dedicate less than 5 seconds on a website to open. If the website fails to show results within this time span, he will jump to another option in the search result.

Site speed depends on many factors. The Website SEO Audit Companies concentrate their service to find out the credibility of such factors to determine the contemporary website speed. In fact, the report will also generate a way to tackle and reduce the website loading speed and make it favorable for the users. Freeing the website from unnecessary content and drastically improving the site speed will serve the purpose. A faster-loading website with well-optimized pages leads to higher lead generation as the search engines calculate bounce rates too. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization Assessment 

This is, so far, the most important part of your SEO audit that will determine the pros and cons of website design. The performance of your content determines how your website will be behaving when search engine crawlers enter the domain. Here are the specific zones to ponder upon.

  • Content quality

Content is and always will be of top priority. The audience, identified and targeted, will show its interest in the content fabricated and displayed in the pages. This content should be satisfactory enough to retain the leads and convert them into customers.

A website SEO audit service will determine whether the content is capable of answering most of the possible queries raised in the mind of a lead. It will also determine whether the content delivered is optimized in terms of products and business specificity. 

The audit service will primarily focus on the appeal generated by the displayed content to the users. It will find out whether it can create interest, meet the needs and solve specific pain points of a lead.

  • Search engine optimized

SEO of a website should be done and reviewed regularly as the dynamic conditions change now and then. In fact, applying the same SEO strategies can lead to different results. The content audit performed will generate various questions and a report backed by solid data to act on. Here are the areas to primarily focus on.

  • Consult the Website SEO Audit Companies in India to analyze and find out the keyword performance. Check whether the old set of keywords is working just fine. Find out which keyword is performing the best by drawing higher traffic to the website. Look for other keywords if necessary.
  • Proper assessment of the keywords as per the content strategy should be done. Also, relevant content is added to use and target the generated keywords should be assessed.
  • Reviewing on-page elements concerned with SEO such as page titles, URLs, image descriptions, meta descriptions, etc is also mandatory.
  1. Conversion rate

As mentioned earlier, content management is very important to attract more traffic to the website and generate leads. Boosting traffic should be accompanied by an optimum conversion rate. 

Here are the phases where a Website SEO Audit in India is done.

  • Website optimization for lead generation to conversion

The marketing offers, call-to-action, landing pages, etc play an important role that determines the performance of your website. These elements will bring the targeted audience to your website and convert them into customers. A website SEO audit service will check the performance of every element entitled to this function and find out whether the degree of lead generation and engagement can be increased or not. Here are the prime phases to concentrate.

  • Volume of marketing offers in the arsenal
  • Variety of offers appealing the buyers from different genres
  • Proper landing pages and/or conversion form 
  • Degree of optimization of landing pages included in the website design
  • Usage of call-to-action
  1. Technical assessment

Apart from the above mentioned three important segments, technical assessment comprises of the audit of leftover elements. It comprises of the evaluation of user experience while using the website portal. Here are the important points to check.

  • Responsive design

The use of smart devices with different screen resolution poses a challenge to the website design. Unless it is aptly responsible, the content catered will not be properly visible. The user experience will suffer a big hit increasing bounce rate.

  • Website free from error messages

Websites showing error messages such as 404, 500 or 302 while scouting do not create a good impression. Cleaning broken links is a part of the website SEO audit performed. On cleaning these links, the visitor will not find a dead end. Check for the error messages and work on it.

  • URLs optimization

Unnecessarily big or lengthy URLs are not good for SEO optimization. Check for the volume of dynamic parameters and session IDs to optimize it. The search engines find it easier to index smaller URLs.


The Website SEO Audit Companies in Bangalore take a step ahead to find out the performance of these parameters. The prime motive of website SEO audit service is to identify the website’s performance. The intuitive and comprehensive inspection of all the related elements will generate a report backed by proper data. Based on this data, the clients will be able to reconfigure online marketing strategies and website design. SEO and conversion rate of an online business portal depends on multiple factors. An audit is absolutely necessary on a regular basis to ensure the usability of the website. 

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