Updated SEO Tips Guide in 2020

Updated SEO tips guide in 2020 by best SEO expert in India, The SEO strategies and techniques are ever-evolving as the world is engaging more on online platforms. It is very important to stay up to date with the latest SEO tools and techniques in order to upscale user engagement. Also, Search engines as Google keeps on updating their algorithms, and because of this reason, there are some SEO experts who find it challenging to keep up with the changing SEO trends. To ease the burden we hereby present some of the useful SEO tips that you can utilize for advancing your client experience:


Main points of updated SEO tips guide in 2020


  • Faster Landing page: 


It is essential to ensure that the immediate landing page of your website is relevant to solving the customer’s query. Stuffing your website with the latest keywords for just the sake of user traffic is pointless if your website does not serve the primary purpose of catering to the requirements of the customer. You should always plan a proper layout wherein you should match the relevant keywords with the content of your website so that the website attracts a large number of audience.


  • Audit Metadata: 


Regularly auditing your metadata proves to be a useful tactic to upgrade online user experience. With Google’s new BERT update the density of keywords is no longer a very efficient method to increase the audience as almost all the websites have Google Crawler bots that are AI-enabled and very well understand the site’s content. There is no need to stuff a number of keywords to the meta descriptions in order to enhance the user accessibility as nowadays customers can easily use the click-through function of the meta descriptions and titles. A smarter approach to optimizing the online user experience would be to use sales language in order to attract the users to the website rather than the traditional technique of stuffing keywords to fulfil character space.


  • Speed up your website: 


You need to focus on the page speed of your website content as it is indeed a significant factor that determines a website’s ranking on the popular search engines. Your website should be functional enough for the customers to easily access your site’s services. For providing a smoother and faster online website experience to the users, you need to concentrate on speeding up your website’s loading time period. 


  • Optimize Website Versions: 


You should focus on creating easy desktop and mobile-friendly versions of your website as more and more people these days tend to open the websites from their mobile phones. The mobile user experience should be as good as the desktop one to increase the audience footfall on your website.


  • Good-quality Content: 


You should ensure that your website content incorporates catchy titles as well as subtitles so that more clients take interest in reading the body content. You should curate your content in an innovative manner and you ought to keep it short and useful so that the customer does not get bored reading your content to the everlasting lengths. An article or a blog should focus on answering the user query in an effective manner so that a customer does not need to spend much time in understanding one single thought. The content optimization can be a game-changer in uplifting your website ranks on the popular search engines.



  • High-quality Link Building: 



In 2020, Google is giving zero value to low quality backlinks. If you have already created low quality backlinks, disavow them and create only high quality do follow backlinks because do follow backlinks help in website ranking & no follow backlinks helps in getting visitors only. According to Mr. Ashish Biyani (SEO Mentor & Co-founder of DeskMoz), we should create do follow and no follow backlinks in a ratio of 70-30.


  • Use Social Media: 


With the youth hooked to numerous social media sites, it is evident that making social media a priority for enhancing your brand image is an efficient option in 2020. Social media sharing of webpage links, shares, and the overall social media visibility in the eyes of the ever-increasing social media users can prove to be a boon for increasing the search engine ranking of your website. The collaboration of Social media platforms and appropriate SEO techniques can bring a positive response to your website. Try advertising your site on various social media platforms and you will be surprised to witness a much-increased audience value and relevance on your business website.


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  • Youtube video may help: 


You can consider including a relevant Youtube video on your website page so that the video keeps the user on the specific page for a longer period of time and the Machine learning mechanism makes google think that your content has the most value and this results in increased ranking on the popular search engines.


  • Use Content Themes: 


It is a great technique to focus more on content themes rather than a long list of repetitive keywords. As people are more interested in reading relevant content that intrigues and interests their minds. Yes, you may include the suggested latest keywords but ensure to add them in such a way that they seem natural while reading a comprehensive article or a blog. The addition of content themes is another proven SEO technique that will help in making your content interesting and engaging.


To put everything in a nutshell, It is extremely cardinal to create content relevant to the users. As they say ‘ Content is the King’, It does really matter what different kinds of content curation methods you are using to upgrade the quality of your content and the website. If you set out to craft the right pieces of content it will surely help you in upgrading your site’s authority and trustworthiness. Various SEO tools can be used to simplify your work in enhancing the user experience such as SERPStat and Cora that are well-known SEO softwares used by the experts to up-scale user efficiency and website growth. Try out these latest SEO tips and techniques in 2020 and elevate your business rankings and sales & please let me know your views on our updated SEO tips guide in 2020 in comments.

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