Best SEO Experts in India to Follow

Top 10 Trusted SEO experts in India to Follow in 2020

Are you looking for the top trusted SEO Experts of India? We know there are many names that come on top when you search for the best SEO consultants in India which definitely confuse you. who is the best for your website. Right? Then here we have researched for you and found the names of top 10 trusted and best SEO experts of India. Here we go with the introduction of the 10 best SEO experts in India one by one:


  1. Prempal Singh:

    Mr Prempal Singh achieved his name on best SEO experts of India and stands on number one in the list. He always believed to be practical which makes him different from other SEO experts and also he is the favourite SEO specialist for the big brands and startups also. He works on the latest SEO trends and follows all the Google algorithms rules to make his customer’s website on top in the SERP and help them to generate traffic & hot leads. His skills and expertise in SEO helped him to complete thousands of SEO projects successfully and make him a big name in the online marketing industry. Right now he is working as the best SEO expert in India and also spreading his networks in the USA, UK and more countries to prove that “He not only talks, he always walks his talk for the best SEO results.”

  2. Lakshya Pareek:

    Lakshya Pareek is giving good competition to the best SEO experts and showing his potential by managing big SEO projects in the marketplace. He is growing as the best SEO expert in India and with his team of best & experienced SEO experts, they are defending well in the market. Lakshya and his team work on the latest online marketing trends to give the customer’s best results and to make them on top in Google SERPs for lead generation. You will find Mr Lakshya Pareek on top when you search for the best SEO Freelancers in India and he is also leading in the list of best SEO experts.

  3. Ram Tyagi:

    Ram Tyagi is the best freelance SEO expert in India and digital marketing consultant who will help you to beat your competitors and give you the right way of growing online with the hot leads. He works as a full-time E-Commerce SEO consultant and always available for the clients to give them the right online marketing solutions. 

  4. Sanjay Baghela:

    If you find the name Sanjay Baghela in the list of best SEO experts in the USA and in India then it is not a big deal, Because He is best. Mr Sanjay Baghela and his team follow the marketing trends and implement the right online marketing strategy for his clients to make them stand on top in SERP and also help them to beat his competitors. If you choose him as your SEO expert then you will never regret as he gives you the full assurity of the best SEO results.

  5. Vivek Sharma:

    Vivek Sharma is leading in the list of top 5 best SEO experts in India with his expertise, perfection and experience. When it comes to showing that who is best in SEO, he proves him, perfect SEO expert, as he has 5+ years of experience in SEO and the number of projects he has completed also polished his skills and marketing talent which makes him SEO and digital marketing experts in India.

  6. Tamanna Khatri:

    Tamanna Khatri is known as the best SEO expert in India with her expertise of working on the high competitive keywords and also she has the ability to convert your startups into a well-known brand. Her knowledge about the digital marketing trends and proven SEO strategies which vary with the business genre make her prove that she always gives you the expected SEO results and never let your business online image down. 

  7. Neha Agarwal:

    Neha Agarwal is the best in E-Commerce website’s SEO and her this expertise make her different from other SEO experts and also as she is working with the well-trained SEO team, it will give her the more power to beat the high competitive keywords and make her stand in the list of top 10 trusted SEO Experts.

  8. Vineeth Mungath:

    Vineeth Mungath is growing fast as the best SEO expert in India working with the latest technologies and online marketing solutions to give his customers the best SEO results and to make sure that his customers will become able to stand as the brand online with his excellent proven SEO efforts.

  9. Aditya khanna:

    Aditya Khanna is best as the digital marketing consultant known as the best SEO expert in India working with his skills and expertise which give his name the place in the top 10 list of SEO experts. HIs 24×7 availability and best supported & analysed SEO strategies works best for online marketing.

  10. Deep Bhardwaj:

    With his 6+ years of experience in SEO he is leading and with his number of completion SEO projects successfully you can trust his expertise in SEO. You will find him very helpful and his SEO consult & advice will always help you to grow faster in the online marketplace.


Here, the list of top 10 SEO experts in India for you. Now the choice is yours which name and SEO expert is good for your website. Choose one of them and get the best Success rate online now!

By Prempal Singh

Prempal Singh is the best SEO expert in India. Hire Prempal Singh for Freelance SEO Services in India.

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