Social Media Strategy 2020 | Social media trends are ever-changing with the advancement of the environment around us. As social media marketers or strategists, it is really important to stay up-to-date with the present-day changes in order to reap benefits out of social media platforms. Here, we present a list of social media strategies that could help you in 2020 :


  • Curation of attractive content: 


This social media strategy 2020 is everlasting because Content is one thing that can make or break any brand. You should challenge yourself to create newer and user attractive content for advertising your product or services. Your current audience will stay by your side only if you give them the content they are interested in and the new audience will connect to you only because of the up to date yet interesting content. Engage in creating short, crisp, and innovative content consistently for a better social media growth of your business. Captivating blogs and articles can be a good idea for telling people about your business. You can share these content pieces on numerous social media platforms for boosting your online business customer presence.


  • Social listening: 


You may wonder what is Social listening is? But it is not as complex as it sounds. Your first and foremost priority should always be your Target audience. You may be running a social media page with a lot of followers but do you really interact with your audience frequently? It is a good idea to reach out to your audience by answering their queries in the comments section or in the Instagram DMs. You should acknowledge people talking about your brand to hear out what they actually feel about your brand. Subsequently, you can optimize your services or products according to the wishes of your target audience. Social listening could be of great benefit as this will help you analyze customer thoughts and demands as well as you may discover potential customers.


  • Sell your products on Social media: 


Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are updating their platforms for the people who wish to sell their products online. These apps have updated features that allow a customer to buy the products without leaving the application. Also, you may join social media communities wherein there are large groups of people talking about products, asking recommendations, giving feedback, You can maybe jump into the conversations and introduce your product.


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  • Invest in Influencer marketing: 


This one is the hot tip of the hour as influencers are everywhere and they really have the power to boost your business. Influencers have a network of thousands of people that can help you extensively while you are building your brand name on social media. People do listen to influencers and focus on the kind of products they are using or advertising. Collaborating with an influencer can give a good jumpstart to your brand.


  • Attractive videos as a saviour: 


People do not usually like to read and comprehend long lengths of words about a particular product or service whereas short and attractive videos can be really helpful to reach out to the audience. Videos capture the heart and mind of the audience and can be really helpful for you to increase your brand worth amongst the social media crowd. 


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  • Try every app: 


Every new day there is some other social media platform popping up. You should not really focus on one application that has been in the trend for long instead focus on experimenting on newer apps as well as you never know what kind of content approach would interest the crowd. After being on a particular app you can analyze which platform is more beneficial to you and then accordingly you could continue putting content on the same for a larger network of the target audience for your product or services.


  • Consistency is the key: 


It is crucial to update your business content on a regular basis as people do not stay long if they can’t find new things on your social media profile. You should make it a point to upload consistent content on your social media platforms for a stable customer presence. Also, this does not mean posting anything for the sake of consistency, You should cater to your client’s needs and interests and weave the content accordingly. Irreverent content or a lot of promotional ads will leave people opting out. Try out social listening and formulate the content based on customer analysis.


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  • Keep a check on your brand competitors: 


Nowadays people have numerous brand options for one product and it is quite easy for them to navigate through the other options if your brand fails to fulfil their needs or fails to listen to your queries. Making customer associations begins when you begin to centre around the things that make your brand image one of a kind. Tell your users about the sole purpose of your brand and also what your brand stands for. You can also think about utilizing quantitative and subjective information to illuminate your brand’s importance as compared to the rest. Keep your followers engrossed with your brand and leave no time for them to search out for any other brand to suit their interests.


To conclude, it is a good idea to incorporate these social media strategies to uplift the social media presence of your brand. Always try to think from the perspective of a potential customer and create the content accordingly. You will surely flourish your brand if you continue to keep your audience gripped to your brand at all times. Contact Prempal Singh Best SEO Expert in India If you need any help in your Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020.

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