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Site kit by Google – An Official WordPress Plugin to unlock more productivity

WordPress users have good news!


Google always surprises us with their consistent updates and the new power packs. And one more time it comes with a piece of good news for WordPress users. It announced its official WordPress plugin named “Site kit by Google”, sounds good, isn’t it? Now let us dive into the insights of the plugin to know how it works and what are the benefits of using Site kit by Google plugin for WordPress users.


As the people who are using WordPress and have a website know about the Google Key Products such as Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, Adsense & PageSpeed Insights. And we also know that these products are the most used products to know the website insights, audience response, user’s engagement and give the accurate stats reports of your website. 


If we talk about WordPress Plugins, there are a number of plugins for all the key products of Google. But now you don’t need to install different-different plugins to utilize the Google key products information & insight, which is only possible by the Google, by launching its official WordPress Plugin “Site kit by Google”, the plugin includes all the four key products Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console, Adsense & PageSpeed Insights, which results in a clear picture of your website stats on your WordPress dashboard. You will find your dashboard very productive and impressive when you install the Site kit by Google plugin in your panel and also the easy to install method of the plugin gives you more confidence to grow towards the success with the helpful website insights which is also up-to-date.  Have a look at the Google key Products:


  • Search Console:

On your admin panel you find the stats to understand how Google search discovers and display your website pages on their search results. And how many people find you on top in SERP.


  • Google Analytics:

Find out the stats on the behalf of the people visiting your website and search for ways of the people & monthly or weekly visitors interest & more information on your panel. 

  • AdSense:

Keep track of the earning of your website and how the visitors respond to ads.

  • PageSpeed Insights:

See how well or poorly your web pages are performing as compared to your competitors to improve your user’s experience and to get more engagement.  



How to install Site kit by Google Plugin on WordPress?


We are sure, it is pretty good for the WordPress users that they don’t need to add individual codes and scripts in their header.php to connect their websites from the Google products to get the insights. It is possible by Google that it offers a single plugin to get access to all the products on their WordPress admin panel. 


Let us discuss the installation process of the site kit on your WordPress:


  • Download the zip file of the Google site kit from the official website of Google where the file is available. And also you will find it here also by clicking on- Download
  • Now upload the zip file in your plugin section and activate it. 


It sounds very easy, right? It is easier to perform when you do it. So let us utilize the benefits of the Site Kit by Google by installing it now for getting the better insights of your website on your admin panel. You can find it useful and get the quick stats of your website anytime when you want to check the audience response on your website updates and traffic on your website. 


The Google site kit has more for you-


As we have discussed above that how to install the plugin and how beneficial it is there are more Google services which are supported by the Google Tool are:



  • Tag Manager:

You can use the site kit to set up the tag manager in your website and then by managing your tags, you can update your website tags as per your needs and requirements. 

  • Optimize:

You can find the optimize option in the site kit also, which you can activate for your website and then can run A/B split testing campaigns to find the best solutions and ways to market your website online.



You will find the Site Kit by Google more useful and beneficially when you start using it to take care of your website insights. Install it now & utilize unlimited benefits! Contact Prempal Singh to know more about “Site Kit by Google”.

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