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To be in the top, SEO specialists change with search engines. We asked SEO promotion experts what trends would matter in 2019. Let’s imagine all the brave people who answered us.

Will there be dramatic changes in the work of SEO-specialists in 2019?

Alexey Trudov: I do not think so. Rather, the issue and the general rules of the game will become even more complex, and some SEOs will go towards greater specialization. For them personally, the changes will be dramatic. But SEO in general is unlikely to change much.

Igor Rudnik: Based on the trend of recent years, I do not think that there will be any drastic changes.

Katerina Zolotareva: The most radical change in 2018-2019. – This is Google’s implementation of the mobile-first algorithm and the absolute need for a mobile version of the site that follows from this. And if earlier the mobile version belonged to the “desirable” category, now it belongs to the “required” category.

Much attention now needs to be paid to such details as the download time of scripts, image size and code optimization.

SEO is not a revolution, but rather an evolution. Changes and complications of the methods occur every year, but the general methodology and the “three whales” – content optimization, technical optimization and increasing the reference mass – remain unchanged.

Great changes are going in the level of competition. Now TOP-10 in all highly competitive and in most mid-competitive niches are filled with very worthy sites, and each new player needs to think about “what will I be better than them?”. Quickly and cheaply no longer go to the top. Now the total cost of launching a new site on the first page of Google can be the cost of an average Kiev apartment, and this is without taking into account the budget for the development of the site itself. Therefore, in order to enter the market now, it is necessary to play in a long way and well calculate the budget and strategy of the project.

For an SEO specialist, it is important to constantly search for “semi-free” niches, new types of requests, where not all of the major players are filled with everything. Sample actions work less, it is more necessary to study the market and experiment in search of successful solutions.

Natalia Protsyuk: In 2019, the trend will continue to increase the importance of content expertise on the site, disclosing a visitor’s request, and behavioral indicators on the site will become even more important.

Plus, it is worth noting the increasing relevance of issuing personalization. In 2019, as in 2018, SEO specialists should pay special attention to local issue.

Ilya Rusakov: There have been no serious changes in SEO for a long time. The twisting of the current algorithms, the ever-increasing monopolization of the issuance of Yandex services and the collaboration with these services – this trend has been observed for the last couple of years.

Alexander Alaev: I don’t think, and if they do, then this is a question for visionaries 🙂 If someone can change something in the work of SEO specialists, then this is a search engine, and they don’t roll out a new algorithm or not – nobody knows . If we imagine that there will be no new algorithms (or significant adjustments to the current algorithms), then little can change. But the fact that work is constantly getting more complicated.

But as I like to say – understanding several principles frees hundreds of facts from memorizing. So we adapt to any conditions!

Alexey Volkov: I’m not sure about the fundamental changes in the work of the optimizer, but somehow the rules of the game will constantly change. Search engines in 2018 introduced many different changes, among which the key was the Google Update in Google and changes in the relationship of reputation with the brand and not only the issue.

In Yandex, earned a new algorithm. I had to work in a new way, to look for other principles. And with the Medic Update is still not all clear.

Prempal Singh: The trend for attentiveness, perseverance, growth and “keeping a pulse on the pulse” is constant. And yes, a departure from the templates and the power to search for experiments give an unexpected result.

How will the X indicator affect ranking? Or is it a long-term perspective?

Alexey Trudov: I do not think that he will influence directly. On the other hand, factors that influence the formation of ICS can also be taken into account in the ranking. In any case, I do not see much point in closely monitoring the X.

Igor Rudnik: None. The question of X for me is not disclosed in any way, why it is necessary – it is not clear. Spending time raising X in the hope that it will give you some kind of result is the most stupid idea.

Natalia Protsyuk: IKS is connected with traffic, especially brand, not all niches should pay close attention to this indicator. Here, as always in SEO, everything is individual, depends on both the niche and the site. In my opinion, for most businesses, the X value indicator will not have a critical value.

Ilya Rusakov: There is no direct influence at the moment, and it is unlikely to be, but indirectly through an overall quality indicator, it can influence.

Alaev Alexander: None. Just because the consequence can in no way influence the cause. Already this X-rayed off on all sides. My personal opinion: X is a kind of human-readable interpretation of the quality of the site. If you take sites from the issue, it will be noticeable: the lower the position, the lower the X. Not strictly, but in general there is a correlation.

Thus, working on the site, improving it, working through various factors, with the growth of traffic and IKS will grow. And not vice versa – the more the X, the better the site.

This parameter can be used for relative evaluation of your site and competitors.

Alexey Volkov: X does not affect the ranking of the site. Rather, it, on the contrary, shows the current state of the algorithms, and this concerns Yandex itself. In fact, the search engine brightly takes into account behavioral factors, brand, type-in ​​traffic. X is a confirmation of this. Today, almost everyone has identified a clear relationship not only between the reference mass, but also brand traffic and type-in.

Prempal Singh: The X is not so terrible as it is painted.

Now many sites have basic optimization. This trend leads to an increase in the cost of SEO?

Alexey Trudov: Hardly there is a direct connection. In addition, do not think that once to do basic optimization is enough. At a minimum, it can “fly off” due to technical problems.

Igor Rudnik: As I understand it, I mean that the market for CMS systems and designers began to take into account certain standards when developing websites.

SEO is a nuance. Basic technical optimization is a must have, but other actions lead to the top.

Katerina Zolotareva: Not only to increase in prices, but also to complication. Ideal technical optimization is no longer an advantage, but a minimum program. Accordingly, it is already impossible to reach the top only by the SEO specialist. We need to work on the assortment, creating additional value for the user, increasing interest and trust in the brand. Or increase the quality (and accordingly, the cost) of the reference mass.

The integrated approach works best. The business is working on an attractive marketing offer, increasing interest in the brand and other channels to attract traffic. Developers make extremely user-friendly site. An SEO specialist accompanies this work and is responsible for search engine optimization.

Only one SEO specialist, without the efforts of the other participants in the process, is no longer a “warrior”.

Natalya Protsyuk: Analyzing the projects that are coming to us now, it is possible to say with confidence that many businesses are thinking about optimization, but a significant number makes it “on the knee” or using methods five years ago, which does not affect the issue. SEO is leading to a rise in price entirely different – a significant increase in the amount of work that needs to be done now. And judging by the actions taken by search engines, this trend will continue.

Ilya Rusakov: In our experience, on the contrary, not many sites have good optimization. And it is just necessary to work on this in the first place, in order to respond to user requests.

Alaev Alexander: On many sites that someone optimized, maybe there is a rise in price. But there are still a whole bunch of sites without any optimization. And no matter how cool the CMS may be, the developers manage to submit sites to customers without any optimization. So any newly created site is a client.

Of course, basically the top is busy with optimized sites, their base is licked, commercial factors are worked out. There is another kind of work – you need to think about alternative sources of traffic. Here the analyst takes the first place and takes most of the time.

And so, according to my statistics (all incoming leads in the company pass through me), I can confidently say that 1-2 sites out of 30 are well-optimized as a base, the rest have many flaws. At the same time, I did not notice that it somehow depended on the region in which the company operates. There is an opinion that in Moscow something is better in this regard. So – not true.

Alexey Volkov: Whatever basic optimization has been done on the site, there will always be a huge amount of technical errors. Every time a new project comes to us, regardless of whether it came from some optimizer or never did optimization at all, you still have to make a lot of technical changes. In addition, any site always has strategic mistakes at the level of planning landing pages, creating content. So the work for us – no end.

In principle, this does not affect the cost, because the cost itself is constantly rising, regardless of the basic optimization. Every year SEO becomes harder and harder. We have to invest in the budget more hours of work of a specialist.

Prempal Singh: Basic technical optimization is only a foundation. SEO is leading to a very different price increase – a significant increase in the amount of work that needs to be done now and which, judging by the actions, search engines are taking.

What will change in the standard set of work on the site?

Alexey Trudov: I think that check-lists will add points aimed at a normal presence in a complex modern issue (with factual answers, dialogues, etc.).

Igor Rudnik: If a mobile version, https, has already been added to this list, nothing new has happened this year.

I would recommend to look again towards the speed of the site. In particular, on the technology of AMP and turboscards. The speed of the site is one of the decisive factors.

Katerina Zolotareva: We need an integration of SEO-promotion in the global marketing strategy and other SEO-channels. You can’t do it like before: “Here you have $ 1000, I want to bring my site to the top.” A typical “shit site” will not come to the top, even if an entire army of SEO specialists will work on it. And the money spent on high-quality development, on the contrary, will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

SEO from a stand-alone process becomes an element of a common machine called “business.”

Natalia Protsyuk: More attention should be paid to the download speed, the weight gain of this factor indicates a global trend, plus the starting point for analyzing and adjusting usability on the site should now be a mobile version.

Ilya Rusakov: We have been working on this for a long time, but this trend is only beginning to gain momentum – this is a close interaction of SEO with the business, the study of its target audience and the transition to classic marketing.

Alaev Alexander: Then you need to identify what is included in the standard set. After all, I am sure everyone has their own set and sequence of actions. Here is our site development algorithm:

  • Preliminary audit – examine the scope of work, see errors.
  • Analysis of competitors – to make a picture of “expectation – reality.”
  • The primary optimization is to perform work that can be done very quickly and / or as a template.
  • Technical audit – here without comments.
  • Collecting and clustering semantics – everything is also clear.
  • Creation / expansion of the site structure – based on semantics and logic.
  • Page optimization – the study of each page separately.
  • Commercial factors – everything is clear.
  • Creating new landing pages is understandable.
  • Writing texts (if necessary) – everything is clear.
  • Analysis of competitors – in order to understand where you can go further, whether you can borrow interesting tricks, etc.
  • Repeating steps (collecting semantics, expanding the structure, page-by-page optimization, creating pages, texts).

My colleagues and I will not change anything in this scheme. Perhaps something will change inside the indicated points, but the general outline will remain so.

Alexey Volkov: Frankly, I do not know. It turns out that we are monitoring the situation, and search engines are suddenly rolling out a new update. We must be ready to quickly change the plan and scope of work. Search engines are unpredictable. We can only assume that there will be more impact of voice search, that is, there will be more long low-frequency queries, more will be imposed on the quality of the landing pages and the site as a whole.

SEO Freelancer in India note : Summarizing the answers, we got this:

  • the presence of the site in a complex modern issue (with factual answers, dialogues, and so on);
  • integration of SEO into the brand’s marketing strategy, full SEO interaction with the business;
  • work on the download speed of the site, the ability to flexibly respond to changes in the algorithms team optimizers

Share your most interesting experiment for the year.

Alexey Trudov: The most interesting ones are under the NDA 🙂 I received a lot of interesting data, examining Search Console reports and comparing them with experimental sites, see the review of the findings .

Igor Rudnik: When you launch a site, it has no behavioral profile page. As a rule, Google and Yandex spend a lot of time to form it and draw conclusions about the quality of the site.

But! You can help search engines. Work on advertising channels: marketing influence, contextual advertising, crowd marketing. Attract a motivated audience that finds out about your product and continues to use it. This will generate a behavioral profile of the pages and will give the site a faster growth in organics (provided that the technical part is all right). It worked for us, maybe it works for you. But here you need to put at the head of everything the quality of your product.

Natalia Protsyuk: Since the beginning of the year, we have been running a major website for selling agricultural products (sunflower seeds, corn, etc.). The main purpose of the work was to reach the TOP-1 for both commercial and information requests in this niche. Result: 93% of requests from the semantic core were in the TOP-1.

To achieve this result, we offered the customer a strategy where, in fact, a mix of commercial and informational activities was used for an absolutely commercial site. The introduction of such changes led to the rise of positions, and after the August and October updates by Google, the site was fixed in the first places.

It was a bold experiment. Now, on the basis of the obtained results, we are conducting a number of tests and we want to introduce several new methods into our processes.

Ilya Rusakov: This year we conducted several studies of whole niches: impulse . This is a niche of construction and repair organizations, a niche of medical centers. The results of the study were very interesting).

Alexander Alaev: This year we had an interesting experience with the adult filter: the experience of removing the filter for adult content and the anti-case about unsuccessful attempts .

Alexey Volkov: The most interesting research was an attempt to find a solution to Google Medic Updates, when in August and then on September 29, many medical and pharmaceutical sites fell sharply. We also suffered client projects.

We tried to analyze which sites grew and which fell, what is common in these sites. But the key was not found. We are looking at recommendations for Google’s assertions, which talk about content quality and product credibility, but at the same time we see informational sites with mediocre content growing in the top. For example, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, where everything is done in a very average, simplified form, publications from different authors, including not from the “stars” of medical science.

SEO Expert Note: And if you have an interesting experiment in your pocket, feel free to draw up a case and send it to the editor in chief at [email protected].

The role of link building in 2019: the main person in the SEO-series or a minor character?

Alexey Trudov: If we talk about the global market and Google, then it’s definitely not a secondary character. External factors are important, without them you will not go far.

Igor Rudnik: In short, link building is exactly in the TOP-3 marketer’s tools.

In more detail, I believe that there can be no universal answer. There are niches and situations where link building is not important. Conventionally, if you generate informational streams that lead to publications on the country’s top media, then you don’t need link building. If you buy advertising on the radio, in the subway, then link building for you will not be included in the TOP-3 tools. But if you are a classic SEO specialist, internet marketer, then in order to get results faster, it’s hard to do without link building.

Katerina Zolotareva: Linkbuilding now stands out in a separate area of ​​work, there are entire departments and even companies that are engaged in only one direction – link building. This is most relevant for the direction “to the west”, where there are no reference exchanges, but this trend is gradually reaching Ukrainian SEO as well.

For SEO companies, it is often easier to delegate work on link building, as well as on copywriting and programming. It is easy to contract for the fact of the work performed, which also simplifies the delegation of this work to an external contractor.

In addition, link building requires its database development. And for a small agency that works with different topics, it is simply not economically feasible to work out the bases of the “all Internet” sites. This is suitable either for a large company with 100+ customers, or for a narrow one.

At the same time, the role of link building remains the same as before – necessary, important, but not the main one.

Natalia Protsyuk: This is interesting – link building is now a kind of two-faced Janus. On the one hand, everybody got used to it that links are needed, and many customers continue to ask a lot of questions about them. But in practice, it turns out that if the site eliminated all technical errors, there is a complete answer, there is expert content, then links, of course, are needed for such a site and will help to rise in the issue.

If you have an outdated, uninformative site, all link building efforts will not give the desired result. Briefly, the success formula looks like this: an excellent site for people with optimization, without technical errors + links = result.

Ilya Rusakov: The reference factor has long ceased to be decisive. Work better on PR than build link mass through exchanges.

Alaev Alexander: Links have long been buried, but have not yet been buried. Of course, now this is a minor character, definitely (in Yandex. In Google, the role of this character is closer to the main one). We almost do not buy links. And if we buy, then the eternal and in limited quantities (no more than 100 pieces. Generally for all the time the client site is being promoted).

We do not use various crowd and other methods (except for buying links on exchanges), simply because there are always more important and necessary works on the site that give a more predictable result.

Alexey Volkov: The main person in SEO-optimization is the specialist who leads the project. He is fully responsible for managing the entire project, growth, KPI, traffic, number of conversions. A link builder is a minor face. His goal – the placement of links for a specific scenario. He performs mechanical work.

Linking is one of the essential elements of work, and it is important along with textual or technical optimization. But in the quality of the distribution of roles in a team, the “first violin” is the person who is responsible for the project as a whole.

Best SEO Expert in India Note : Linkbuilding has not become a leader, but we do not recommend ignoring this tool in 2019.

Are content quality standards a trend of 2019?

Alexey Trudov: Content must be of high quality – this is a beaten truth. But standards? I rather notice the emergence of new, non-standard content formats, an increasingly individual approach to different target audiences. This is the trend.

Igor Rudnik: If you are streaming content, then yes, standards are needed. If your content produces several highly qualified authors, it is better to give more freedom.

Natalia Protsyuk: Yes, this trend started before 2018, will be relevant in 2019, and most likely will retain its relevance further.

If you are faced with the choice of what to do on the site first, then start by eliminating technical errors, fill with expert content, and then everything else.

Ilya Rusakov: High-quality content has been in trend for a long time 🙂

Alaev Alexander: No, not a trend. It is like a base, which must always be adhered to. Quality content is the key to success. And how long.

A live example – one of my guys is promoting client sites on betting (betting), and there many requests are informational. Having suffered with copywriters at first, he began to write texts for websites. Moreover, it is so responsible that, in order to write, for example, a text on how to register and verify, he himself went through this procedure, visited all the relevant places and authorities, took a picture of the whole filling process, etc. And wrote a complete manual. TOP-1 after indexing. Here is the answer.

Alexey Volkov: For more than a year, we have been constantly reiterating that the quality of the content on the site is a crucial aspect. We tell how to make a technical task for a designer, how to make a text structure. These are absolutely not the same SEO surveys that we once saw on sites, for example, 10 years ago or more. Such SEO-polls no longer live, they are not effective, do not give traffic. The traffic gives a better product, over which one has to work a lot, but, accordingly, it is a problem of the cost of the product. The page becomes much more expensive, and it is no longer possible to do it “on stream”.

Recently we were going to create a new project for a client, and it turned out that the cost of a quality project is much higher than the freelancer offers on the exchanges. We do not fit into the budget.

Best SEO Expert Note: Has everyone noticed that nobody opposes SEO and content marketing?

Visual search, quick answers: what to do to ride this trend?

Alexey Trudov: To study those who have already succeeded, and implement them.

Igor Rudnik: If we are talking about how to get into Google’s quick answers, then many instructions from our colleagues on the market have already been written about this, I cannot add. Here is one of the instructions .

Natalia Protsyuk: Being in the top)) Provide an expert and complete answer to the question, pay attention to the page layout.

Ilya Rusakov: At a minimum, monitor them and try to understand the technology of forming answers.

Alaev Alexander: I am not aware of this trend. But not to admit that something is changing, I cannot, looking at how my first-grader daughter is using gadgets. There is a 100% voice search. And what is a visual search, I do not understand.

Alexey Volkov: There are three aspects to voice search in order to beat it:

  1. High-quality adaptive layout . I mean by the word “quality” not only that it formally meets technical criteria (was placed on the phone screen), but it was convenient to use it — to select text, read, order a service.
  2. Query length . The query has become longer due to the fact that it is more convenient to “type” long phrases (5-6 words) in a voice. Vordstat statistics it does not fall. You must be ready to collect all information requests, including statistics on site visits.
  3. It is necessary to add more informational content , combining informational and commercial content on the same domain. This will add more information traffic, which is more common in the “voice”.

Prempal Singh: For those who want to compare SEO trends for 2018 and 2019, here’s a tip .

Tips for young SEO fighters

Alexey Trudov: Only one. Less to believe the experts (and me too), more rely on your own experience and statistics of a specific project with which you work. This approach is much easier than it seems!

Igor Rudnik: Do not look for chips, come up fundamentally. Do not try to fight the search engine, try to hear its vision of quality sites and make a quality product. Begin by studying the Google and Yandex help .

Katerina Zolotareva:

1. Accelerate. SEO courses are designed to help you in two months to master what you would study for half a year.

2. Do not stop. SEO-specialist now is a “multi-armed multi-legged” who must know marketing, programming, be able to manage projects and go beyond the usual solutions.

3. Communicate. The best ideas come from communicating with colleagues and clients. SEO-specialist can not put himself in a vacuum and “rivet SEO”, otherwise he will quickly go the distance.

4. “Uzbagysya.” SEO is a nervous profession in which you never know what will happen tomorrow, you do not know all the answers to all the questions: why this site is in the top, and this one is not very. You need to constantly study the data, experiment and grow Zen calm.

5. Go beyond. If you are working on client projects, get yours. If you work inhouse, go teach. Automate. Learn related areas. Though cross stitch. But to study the system, you need to go beyond it.

Natalia Protsyuk:

  • Learn from the best.
  • Do not focus on old technology.
  • Experiment.
  • Start working with a team where, using the example of many projects, you can understand which global trends in SEO, which chips are relevant now or for a given niche.

Ilya Rusakov: It ’s worth paying attention to innovations in issuing – adding icons (popular site, user choice), confirmation via Yandex.Manual, stars from Yandex.Manager, chat rooms, etc. under the sun (in the visible area of ​​issue).

Alaev Alexander: If the fighters are young, then they need to learn the basics, and by the time the basics are comprehended, something will change, and there is no sense in recommending some kind of clear sequence.

The only thing that does not change at all times is practice and only practice, without which no craft can be learned. I wanted to say that you can first read the theory (1-2 books on SEO will be enough), and then get a job at a web studio as a novice / intern and try to grow into a full-fledged SEO specialist and higher if you have such ambitions.

Alexey Volkov: I would recommend beginner SEO specialists to go to work for an agency or to the side of a client. The time has passed when freelancers worked, trying to engage in private optimization. Now projects have become more difficult, there is a huge demand for the qualifications of SEO-specialist.

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