SEO Freelancer or SEO Company. Who to Entrust Website Promotion?

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Almost every business owner sooner or later faces the need to promote the site. And then the edge becomes the question of whom to entrust this responsible task. There are at least two solutions: hire a SEO freelancer or contact an SEO company. But before you make a choice, you should carefully examine the pros and cons of each.

There is safety in numbers?

A SEO freelancer is a “free artist” who sells his services in the open spaces of the network, cooperation with which, as a rule, is not supported by a contract. Such a SEO specialist is hired to perform a certain type of work on a remote basis. Frequently, a SEO freelancer collaborates with several customers at the same time and can work on several projects in parallel.

Pros :

Cheapness of services is the main advantage of cooperation with a SEO freelancer. But, as they say, the miser pays twice, and good specialists are expensive. Currently, the salary of an SEO specialist is approximately 100,000 rubles, webmaster services are at least 35,000 rubles, good copywriting – from 500 rubles. for 1000 characters. Simple arithmetic speaks for itself – why all these people, you ask, when can I hire one performer for a democratic price? True, not only cost, but also services will be democratic. Do not forget that SEO is a long-term investment in the development of the site, and if the main task is to save money, you should not expect over-results. In the best case, you will be provided with an account in the system of collecting positions and will purchase links for several hundred rubles. In fact, a SEO freelancer pays for the services of a programmer, a copywriter, as well as a system for collecting positions and links from his salary. The result is a hidden monthly fee, which SEO-companies say openly.

– Flexibility of cooperation. The SEO freelancer will willingly adapt to the conditions of the customer, because it is very important for him to get a client set up for long-term cooperation. – An individual approach that you can safely rely on when working with a SEO freelancer. Since the project has one broad specialist, then the communication takes place mostly only with him. For a SEO freelancer, it is very important to pay due attention to your site in order to make it a popular resource. Qualitatively performed work is a good reputation, which subsequently works on the performer himself.

Minuses :

– Human factor. A specialist who works on your project remotely may simply disappear without giving a reason. He can get sick, leave, can happen any force majeure, which threatens the work performed earlier. And if you refuse to cooperate with a careless specialist, you can find unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden links, viruses, etc. on the finished site.

– Breaking deadlines. SEO Freelancers, as a rule, take on several projects at once. And the failure of terms – the standard situation with such a workload.

– Lack of guarantees. The contract with a SEO freelancer is often oral, in rare cases, a SEO freelancer has at least an IE. In fact, he is not responsible for unfulfilled obligations, since he did not give officially confirmed guarantees. In case of any problems, you have to spend time and energy on finding a new artist, and at this time the site risks falling under the filter or losing positions in the search engine. And you have to start all over again.

After such situations, very few people want to step on the same rake, and then the site owner turns to an SEO company that guarantees the efficiency and professionalism of the staff.

SEO Company India

Team – power!

But there are some special features about which it is better to know in advance, because not all SEO companies are equally honest with their clients. But in any case, companies provide certain services and services that no SEO freelancer can give. And now about everything in order.

Pros :     

-Legal guarantees. Unlike cooperation with a SEO freelancer, before starting work on a project, the SEO company enters into a formal contract that gives guarantees about the terms, types and volumes of work performed, all mutual settlements are reflected in official accounting documents. And at the termination of the contract, the full transfer of links is carried out in order to protect the site from an abrupt loss of positions.

-Professionalism. A large SEO company employs specialists who have the necessary qualifications and experience working with various projects and topics. In the SEO market, expertise is an important competitive advantage, so companies do not stint on improving the professional skills of their employees. SEO company specialists are always aware of new promotion mechanisms, are on the wave of recent changes occurring in search engines with high frequency.

-A wide range of services. A large staff of diverse specialists allows you to provide a full package of SEO services: website promotion, copywriting, web analytics, auditing, usability, etc. This allows the customer to get the full range of work on the project, without attracting additional contractors.

-Constant feedback, In other words, availability of specialists 24/7. Working with a serious SEO company, the customer can always promptly request up-to-date information about the current stage of the project, consult with experts, adjust the promotion strategy, etc.

-Unique tools of its own design. Large companies are working on creating their own services, which allow them to manage services with maximum comfort and to quickly receive this or that information on the project.


The cost is usually 20-30% higher than that of a SEO freelancer. But at the same time, the customer can control where his funds are spent, since in most SEO companies there is a transparent payment system based on the results achieved. But there are also such companies that constitute too complex contracts and formulas for settlement that are profitable only for themselves. It is also worth paying attention to when choosing a contractor.

– Contact account manager. As a rule, all communications on the project are conducted mainly with the account manager, and rarely with the direct performers. But this has its plus, because you do not have to negotiate with different people and accumulate their work, all this is the responsibility of the account manager.

– Superficial work on the project. There are unscrupulous SEO companies whose work is put on stream. Then your project is lost in the mass of other such and work on the site will be carried out superficially. Especially such fame goes for large companies with a high turnover of customers.

Let’s sum up :

Whom you choose, you should always carefully study the clauses of the contract and take the time to read the package of services provided. Pay attention to the reviews and ratings, but do not build on this completely opinion, try to believe the reviews of real people – your partners, colleagues, acquaintances. If you are the owner of a large SEO company that needs promotion of several sites,It will not be superfluous to hold a tender and select the best performer based on the results of the competition. And we recommend that the owner of a young website and a novice in the online market do not wait for lightning-fast results from promotion, but be patient and help the optimizer and the programmer in every possible way in their work on resource development.

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