Is it possible to learn SEO, or how to bring a site to TOP 10?

A dance with diamonds, an exact science or a creative process? This question is increasingly faced by any person who somehow encounters the notion of SEO. It is especially acute when the SEU tries to master this by itself. In an attempt to find an answer, we talk with a practicing SEO expert, our teacher, Prempal Singh, who leads the SEO (search engine optimization) course in our IT Academy.

Tell us a little about yourself: how long have you been doing SEO, what projects are you doing, in general about what you are doing at the moment?

I’m Currently working as an SEO expert in Jaipur (India) and as a Full-time SEO freelancer.

“SEO is my fav sports and I always like to play my fav sports”

I’ll give you a somewhat provocative question: what is SEO exactly for you? How do you see it as an object? Because often ordinary users have the impression that SEO is a kind of shamanic dance with tambourines.

SEO, if to give a classic definition, is a set of measures aimed at promoting the site in the TOP-10 search engines. And as for “shamanism” … You know, to some extent this is really true, because often one has to resort to very original and unusual methods and strategies to achieve the goal. In addition, these actions may not be noticeable, and even the average Internet user may never guess that this is how the emergence of the search engine before him is the result of the battle of many minds and budgets. Therefore, there are thoughts about magic and shamanism: seoshniki – fighters of the invisible front.

My personal vision is this: SEO is first and foremost a tool that contains many methods and strategies, the goal of which is to increase the positions of the customer’s website in TOP and thereby increase sales and bring customers. After all, in the end, they do not come to us for the TOP, they come to us for sales. And sometimes it has to be explained to the customer.

Tell us: how do you see the SEO market today? What are the pitfalls and currents on it, what difficulties?

I always try to keep my hand on the pulse: I read news feeds and keep track of the vacancies and summaries in the promotion of sites that appear on the largest sites. Therefore, I can assess the situation both in terms of the applicant and the employer.

If we talk about the labor market during the crisis, then now there is not a very good trend, in my opinion. Resume on the position of SEO-professionals began to post people who are not related to SEO: content managers and sysadmins at best, and at worst, have absolutely nothing to do with IT. What are the guidelines for such applicants? Probably, they think that SEO is the most “easy” of IT areas that does not require specialized education, knowledge of programming languages ​​or the basics of web design. But this of course, it’s not.

And on the part of employers there is no understanding of what is SEO. This is particularly true for companies that want to take a person to the state, so that he only deals with the site of this company. From the list of duties of this “court SEOshnika” I am horrified: there is a revision of the site, and promotion (both SEO and social networks), and answers to phone calls,

and content-management, and that there just is not. There are already about a dozen professions, which should deal with more than one person, and the employer calls it all the word SEO, and offers for it not very big money. Such a reader, reaper and on the duda igrets: all that is connected with the site, hangs on it. This is not true. Of course, such universals are found, but the future of the market, in my opinion, is for more differentiated specialists who will be professionals in their field.

If you look at the relationship “customer-executor”, then the following situation develops. Customers want to get results in a maximum of a month, while the normal process of website promotion takes from 3-4 months. SEO is a rather long-running process, and money must be paid monthly. Not every customer is ready to understand why he should pay sometimes six months to see the result only later. Furthermore,

Once the project is listed in the TOP, you have to explain why it should pay further. So there are many subtle moments. There are a lot of difficulties on the market: there are not enough competent specialists, and employers who want too much from the employee, and customers who are waiting for quick results for little money.

And how common is SEO? Many people think that it’s quite possible to do without it, and even examples lead to successful projects that did not invest a single penny in SEO.

I will say at once that there are such projects, such sites for which SEO simply does not fit, it is inefficient. As a rule, these are highly specialized sites related to a very special product. For example, mass spectrometers and chromatographs are special chemical equipment, very complex and terribly expensive. Here we can confidently say that the buyer of such a product is unlikely to search for it through the search engine. Sense of displaying such sites in the TOP? There is no target audience there. The methods of promoting such resources are completely different, as are the tools.

On the other hand, there are projects that need not so much SEO, as promotion in social networks. This is some accessories, clothes, where the target audience is in social networks. So in some cases without SEO you can do without. Just buyers from such companies are concentrated in other places, and not in search engines or even on the Internet.

So what is SEO?

Simply put, this is the promotion of the site. Such measures that allow you to find the owner of your business customers, customers on the Internet through the site. After all, the site, first of all, is a sales tool, an Internet representation of the company, behind which there is a real business that has come to the Internet to find its client there. There can be a lot of such sites, much more than any search engine on the first page of the issue can show, from here- increased competition. According to statistics, 90% of search engine users do not go beyond the first page, and 70% click on the first link in the issue. Therefore, the one who is in TOP on this request will receive these visitors. And our goal is to bring the site to this top ten.

Please tell us about the upcoming course. What will be discussed and what will the students receive from it?

When I compiled the course program, I tried to make sure that the whole course and every lesson were as complete as possible: the theoretical part is devoted to a certain topic, and the practical part, accordingly, to its implementation. The course is built from simple to complex, from basics to the moment when it’s time to create a resume. I teach, on the one hand, the promotion of sites without sanctions from the search engines, and on the other hand I provide real tools that will not only lead

resource in the top ten, but also make it really interesting and useful for the user. Specifically, these are topics about internal optimization, a block dedicated to additional advertising channels, and external optimization aimed at the reputation of the site in the eyes of search engines, and much more. A separate lecture will be devoted to contextual advertising, as this is a very popular tool, and many SEO specialists are forced to work with it. The description of the course on the site of the IT Academy provides a detailed program with a brief outline of each lesson, can be found.

Who will be interested in this course? Do I need any special training to participate in it?

First of all, these are copywriters and content managers who already work with sites and want to expand their area of ​​expertise. This course will be useful for webmasters, designers and anyone who is somehow connected with sites. It will be relevant for owners of their own sites, who want to promote their own resources. It will also be useful to attend a course of company executives who would like to give their site for promotion to third parties. Just to understand what they will do with their resource. Well, for all who want to expand their horizons in the Internet. So special training is not required. A confident PC user and the Internet – that’s what’s needed.

Tell us, please, about the prospects in the labor market for SEO professionals?

The students of the courses leave the Academy walls with a certain amount of theoretical knowledge and specific skills. A graduate of the course may well qualify for the position of “SEO specialist with training”, or “assistant SEO specialist“, or even “Content manager with SEO functions.” Ideal option – this is a vacancy in a large web studio, where already has its own SEO department, where you can work, develop and earn experience under the guidance of an experienced colleague.

Grow in the field of SEO can be from an assistant to, in fact, a specialist. If you further expand your knowledge and skills, then this is an area of ​​Internet marketing. Then you can already become the head of the promotion department, and even the leader. Concerning the salary: at the beginner it from 15-20 000 rubles. And the top ceiling is not limited, after all very often besides a salary experienced SEOs earn on any projects on freelancing.

Do you have an interesting and significant experience in the field of promotion on the Internet, will you share your knowledge beyond the course?

Naturally. Already, I can boast that some of the graduates of the courses have successfully settled and are working on their chosen specialty. I helped them to write a resume, because it is not always possible to correctly articulate their skills and skills on paper, suggested several directions in terms of job search independently. And of course, I always help with advice and recommendation as a senior companion, my phone number is not a secret, I’m always open for communication.

What would you like to wish all our readers? Well, future students of the course?

The scope of SEO, like the whole IT industry, looks like a boiling cauldron: it’s enough for a month to fall out of this area, as the relevance of your knowledge significantly decreases. Therefore, I want to wish everyone who will read the interview and the more will come to the course, be greedy for knowledge! Expand your knowledge, read the literature, go to courses, webinars, trainings, communicate with colleagues, make acquaintances, share experiences and so on. Always, always keep your knowledge up to date. Without development, your tools and methods will very quickly become obsolete. We need to constantly keep our hands on the pulse, be in the trend of all events that occur not only in SEO, but also in the IT field as a whole. And also, already being a SEO, humanly treat your customers, heart-sigh for their sites. And then you will have an excellent reputation, and together with it there will be new customers and money, respectively.

We want to add that the new flow of the basic SEO course will start soon, so if you really want to know not only how to display, but also how to keep sites in the TOP of search engines, we are waiting for you in the walls of our SEO Company. Call +91 8058084016 or simply write to the mail [email protected].

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