Influence of Links on Website Promotion 2019

Recently, a lot of discussions have arisen on which links work and which do not. As we know, both Google and Yandex are constantly struggling with purchase links, filtering sites that sell massively links and thus omitting promoted sites in search results.

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After Google launched the link anti-spam algorithm Google Penguin , it became more difficult to promote websites. Many took part in their sites a sharp decline in attendance, a sharp drop in positions.

This article is about how links can influence the promotion, which links are best used to achieve results. And also very interesting observations from practice.

First, consider the interesting situations from the practice associated with Google:

1. Situation One

The site has been moving for a long time, more than 3 years. It was in the tops of many high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency queries. One day the site collapsed, and traffic to the site plummeted.

A couple of months it posted the same links. The situation without much change. Then we decided to remove all rented links to the site. Approximately 70%.

It took a couple of weeks, and the site released on all requests. It began to grow further due to the content and a large number of pages.

In this case, the links were only a burden for his SEO promotion .

2. Situation two

Began to promote the new site. He went well to the top in many high and mid-range queries. After the second month of promotion, we removed all links. But his position after three months did not fall and still continue to grow.

What are these examples for?

To understand that a multitude of situations can arise. But the links will not cease to influence the ranking of sites in search engines. Since the original links – were the main work of search engine algorithms.

Both Google and Yandex clearly show:

– must be quality first

– you need to spend on contextual advertising first

Based on this, promoting a site in search engines, you need to focus on quality, not on the template approach and quantity. That is what is applicable for references.

SEO is a constant struggle

Since the search traffic is cheaper than dozens of times of contextual advertising, this source of attracting visitors will always be in demand. But with the conveyor approach is very risky.

Which links work best?

– on which real visitors pass

– which are put in a natural way

– links pictures, bezankornye links

It is with such links that you should surround your reference profile and constantly increase it.

There is such a phrase “ that which starts from the end, let’s start over .”

Automated link procurement services will lose their expediency over time, and it is the high-quality natural reference profiles that will give the best return, the promotion will go exactly to that from which we left about 4-5 years ago, difficult, routine and manual.

Back to the links

Links are currently the main ranking factor, but not all. Many, a large percentage of them are filtered by search engines. Therefore, it is a waste of money, but it is difficult to determine which of the links works and transfers weight, and which is not.

Links that real visitors follow

Even if you have a commercial topic on which it is difficult to make some kind of useful content, you can initially try to post such links, for example:

– media sites

– thematic blogs

– social links (read: about the social factor in SEO )

Sites that are authoritative in themselves, which have good attendance, and which have a permanent audience, which exactly can ensure the flow of visitors to your site.

And they will be interested in your products or services.

That is, SEO goes from routine to marketing, the main purpose of which is:

– increase the authority of the site

– lead visitors to the site

– increase brand awareness

We read the article: how to promote a site in search engines


This article is not a step by step guide on how and where to get such links. Such articles will not be one. And its main goal is to give a look at the best working methods of promotion, which give an excellent result at the moment and will only increase in the future.

This is always only good, as people will really work on their sites, and pay maximum attention to such moments as:

– internal optimization

– internal linking

– usability

And to many others, which affect the promotion of the site, and its return in general in the form of sales and profits.

Important Note by Best SEO Expert in India Prempal Singh : you need to constantly experiment with links, and identify the most working ways. After all, the site can be promoted to the top without any purchased links at all, it is a rarity but it is. More details will be in the following articles.

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