What is Image Search Optimisation (ISO) ?

In addition to the main search tools that what is Image Search Optimisation, Google search engines provide their users with the ability to search by pictures:

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Despite the fact that the traffic from the search by pictures loses in quality to the traffic from the main search, it will be absolutely not superfluous for any site, and for sites of entertainment it may even be the main type of traffic.

Therefore, image optimisation is also worth doing, especially as it is not difficult to do.

Factors affecting the promotion of images by keyword

1. The presence of a keyword in the alt attribute of the image. The contents of the alt attribute are displayed in place of the image if the display of images is disabled in the user’s browser, or if the image loading is not available for any other reasons. Naturally, the content of the alt attribute has a significant impact on the ranking of images.

2. Image size. The larger the image size, the better for its advancement. From a set of duplicates of a single image, search engines are most likely to consider the largest source as the original source.

3. The presence of a keyword in the title attribute of the image. The content of the title attribute is usually displayed as a tool tip when you hover the mouse over the image in all major browsers. Search engines take this hint into consideration when ranking images.

4. The presence of a keyword in the text that surrounds the image. Moreover, the text below the picture has a greater influence on its ranking than the text above. The text of the first paragraph under the image is of the greatest importance; therefore, to promote a picture, it is recommended to make a signature under it with keywords.

5. The presence of the keyword in the form of transit or translation into English in the name of the image file. Translating in this case is preferable, since it is now recognised by both Google and Yandex.

6. PR pages with images affect their ranking in Google. A similar parameter of Yandex – CIC also most likely affects the ranking of images in this search engine, but this parameter is hidden and you cannot see it anywhere.

7. Anchors of links to images and near-link text have an impact on the ranking of pictures. These are important factors for the promotion of images.

Thus, most of the search engine optimisation images can be implemented within the framework of the usual internal site optimisation. With a strong desire, the images can be promoted by external links with keywords, but it is hardly worth it.

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