Google Page Experience Update 2021

Google released the Google web page experience algorithm update in April 2021.

What is Page Experience according to Google?

The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile. We believe this will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction.

Why is Google’s Page Experience Update so important?

User experience is a direct ranking factor.

What do you think Google will give ranking to the website which has too many backlinks?


Google will give top ranking to those who are impressing users with website visiting experience like websites are loading very fast, users are getting what they love and very easy to explore.

Or the goal of the page experience update is to improve the overall web-browsing experience, both on mobile and desktop.

Important Factors for better Page Experience –

Currently, there are four main page experience factors Google will include in the page experience ranking signal, alongside Core Web Vitals:

1 – Mobile Friendliness:

Generally, the meaning of mobile friendly is that your site performs well on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

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2 – HTTPS:

HTTPS shows your website is safe and secured to surf. Here are some benefits of using https:

  • Secures your data in transit.
  • Protects your website from Phishing, MITM, and other data breaches.
  • Builds trust in your website visitors.
  • Removes “NOT Secure” warnings.
  • Help you improve website ranking.
  • Help you boost revenue per user.

3 – Website Loading Speed:

Loading speed is how fast your page is loading in any browser.

The faster your site loads, the lower the bounce rate. If your site is fast, you have a better chance of ranking on Google over slow sites that drive high bounce rates.” All of this means that a well-optimized page can lower your bounce rate, as fewer people will leave your site out of impatience.

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4 – Safe Browsing:

Safe Browsing is a Google service that lets client applications check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. Examples of unsafe web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and deceptive sites) and sites that host malware or unwanted software.

5 – Well categorised content for easy surfing:

Keep your message clear and consistent with your ad and landing page. Message Match. Use original and engaging content on each of your landing pages. Originality. Explain your Unique Value Prop to visitors immediately. Incorporate trust signals.

6 – Focus on Core Web Vitals report:

Core Web Vitals, are a set of metrics related to speed, responsiveness and visual stability.

Core Web Vitals will tell you all your URLs that they have in their index, whether they’re poor, needs improvement, or good. If you have URLs that are poor or need improvement, that’s when you want to investigate and find out what’s wrong and how you can improve those pages.

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