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“SEO is my favorite sports and I always like to play my favorite sports.”- Prempal SinghGoogle Certified Digital Marketer (Founder of & Free4seo ).

Mr. Prempal Singh is one of India’s well-renowned and highly-experienced SEO experts who have been working in India, USA & global for the past so many years. Being a qualified SEO Expert USA, he also devotes some of his time working as a SEO freelancer. He successfully completed Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course by Google. He has been associated with a number of different multinational companies throughout his career. Mr. Singh is currently working as an best SEO Expert in USA. He believes that creating a website is not enough. A company should know how to use a site as a valuable online tool to interact with the target audience. He thinks no matter where a company is located, the internet has the ability to connect a brand with its target audience despite the geographical location and time difference. He also says that an optimized website is very essential for a business to expand online.

He offers free consultation on SEO on-site instruction in SEO for multinational and hi-tech companies. He has also worked as a corporate SEO trainer and has guided many companies on how they can organize their marketing team and create a more effective SEO marketing plan. Mr. Prempal Singh is India’s best SEO expert who has dedicated his life to offering SEO services India, USA & worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in Jaipur or not, he offers his SEO consultation services via phone, webinar, and e-mail. He specializes in formulating a great SEO consulting relationship with his clients.

He says- “SEO is the accelerator of the website. SEO is the way that makes sure your business website is found by searchers who need exactly what you are offering.”

No matter whether you own a startup or a small business organization, you can take his SEO services offered at a cost-effective price starting from $250. You can book an appointment with Mr. Prempal Singh who provides suggestions and online consultations to the clients on how they can use SEO to generate more organic traffic for the site. In his free time, he also writes blogs and columns related to Search Engine Optimization on Word Press.

My ideal Mr. Ashish Biyani, the co-founder of Deskmoz and Activant Solutions says, “Mr. Prempal Singh is the best SEO expert in India who will plan and create a strategy for your specific business and with your own goals and objectives in mind, regular monitoring, and reporting so you are always aware of progress and positioning and professional guidance and technical advice during the SEO process.”

If you own a business site or want to establish a digital presence for your company, then you have come to the right place. There is a reason that many sites fail to attain good ranking in the Google pages despite using the accurate keywords and offering quality content to their customers. If you do not want this to happen with your site, then don’t think and hire the professional USA SEO Expert, Mr. Prempal, who provide his invaluable advice and support 24/7.

Reasons you should consult with the SEO Expert Mr. Prempal-

    • Time-saving- Running a business organization is not an easy task. Developing the right product and offering it to the customers requires multiple steps, and that is the reason sometimes the company does not invest enough resources to create a digital presence. By hiring the best SEO Expert in India & USA, the company can forget the hassle to create content targeting the audience. It is a time-saving method to get verified sales lead and expand the brand all over the world.
    • Better outcome- Every company has a list of certain goals and objectives they want to achieve. Most of the companies want to generate more profit and sales in less time duration which can only be achieved if more and more customers buy their product. Mr. Prempal will make sure that the website is able to get visibility and appear in search results so that the customer can become aware of the existing brand name.
    • Execution of digital campaign- If a company is thinking of launching a new product or service in the market, then they should devise a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help them get more customers and increase brand awareness. The USA SEO Expert will help the company plan and implement the SEO campaigns in the right manner. The expert will also help the company identify their weak points and strengths so that they can offer better services in the future.
  • Picking the keywords- The SEO Expert USA Prempal Singh will help you to find the right set of keywords and keyphrases for the site. Keywords are the words that a customer uses to come across your site. The experts prepare a list of keywords that are currently being used.

Using SEO in the right way is not an easy task to perform as it involves the use of various online tools. You should definitely think of getting the professional assistance of Mr. Prempal. The experts have the right skill set and knowledge of the digital marketing.

Why hiring Mr. Prempal is necessary for the growth of your company?

    • The Indian SEO Expert offers multiple suggestions on how you can improve the search engine ranking of your webpage.
    • The expert prepares a list of keywords that you can use while creating articles, blogs, product description, and other informative material and post it on your site.
    • The Indian SEO Expert will provide 24/7 assistance to your firm so that you can generate more profits. A well-maintained website will automatically gain more online visibility and will reach more customers in less time.
    • An SEO Expert USA researches the keyword by using the webmaster tools. He will also monitor the performance of your site to make sure that the desired outcome is achieved.
  • He is also responsible to optimize the overall website structure and images.

With so many advantages and benefits, hiring an USA SEO Expert is the best way for you to establish a brand name for your company and bridge the communication gap. The role of the best SEO Expert in India is not just limited to reviewing your website’s content and structure. After researching your company’s finances, history, and type of products and services sold, Mr. Prempal will conduct multiple research on the keywords that will later help your online customers to find your business.

He will also offer technical advice and develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that will help boost your business’s growth and reputation in the market.

By analyzing and monitoring the online traffic, he will help you boost the online presence of your site. Once your online website gets enough online traffic, you will be able to create customer-centric strategies.

What makes the work of Mr. Prempal Singh different from others in the market?

  • You can learn about his old and current clients by simply accessing his personal website. You can browse the site and collect information about the clients, Mr. Prempal Singh has dealt with. Going through the list of clients will help you make a well-informed decision. You can also visit the sites of his clients to assess and rate his performance.
    • You can learn about the type of services he offers to his clients. Feel free to ask what exactly he is going to do to improve your site’s search engine ranking. The type of dynamic approach and SEO methods he is going to use will help you make the right decision.
    • The best SEO Expert in India provides a well-researched and detailed proposal to all his clients. It will help you identify whether the SEO techniques designed by him will align with your company’s goals and objectives or not. The type of headings, tags, and titles that are going to be used will be included in the proposal.
    • The best SEO Expert in India will only follow the SEO methods that adhere to the search engines’ webmaster guidelines. Mr. Prempal always follows the rules and regulations provided by Google. They never generate spam content or add hidden texts and links in order to get more customers by false means.
    • You can ask about the kind of experience your best SEO Expert in India has without any hesitation.  It will also help you decide whether you want to work with him or not. The best SEO Expert in India knows how to optimize a business site using the title tags and meta descriptions.
    • Being a good SEO Expert in India, he will keep you updated on all the progress of the work done on your site. He will prepare a detailed report containing the list of changes he has made to your site. Once the title tags are added to the existing HTML code, your website will become modified. The report will contain a list of such changes made by him.
    • Being a reliable best SEO Expert in India, he will also provide copywriting content and keywords that are relevant to the type of business venture you own.
  • You can also take suggestions from the best SEO Expert in India on how to get your site redesigned by him and make it more accessible. Mr. Prempal will help you make your business website more simple, informative, and easy to navigate so that you can attract thousands of customers daily.  

SEO is one such thing that you can use to measure the success rate of your company’s site. Mr. Prempal will help you use Google Analytics so that you can track the progress of your site. So, don’t just wait. Book your online consultation now and improve your site’s conversion rate as you speak. He believes that with the right use of SEO, a website not only gains visibility but also helps the brand build trust and credibility with its respective customers.