Top 10 SEO Trends in 2020

As each day new businesses or startups are rising with new ideas and technology to serve online, the competition on online ranking becomes tougher for the businesses. If you want to be on top in the race and want to maintain your position on #1 page in Google & other search engines then you have to follow the latest 2020 SEO trends to meet the search engines requirements. You have to meet the fine line of the ranking to stay on the top in search engines and to fulfil it you have to revise your SEO strategies and plans frequently. 

To do the frequent changes you have to know about the SEO trends and here we are sharing the 10 important 2020 SEO trends which you need to know to a perfect SEO plan for your business:


Trend 1# Voice Search: Voice Search becomes more popular in 2019 and increases in popularity in 2020 as Google finds that people search and write the queries as they say. And this concept of typing and saying the same makes a huge impact in search results and Google also worked on the voice search technology to provide people with fast searching of their queries. 


When working on voice search, you have to make sure that when people use voice search they say exactly what they want which is a sentence instead of short-tail keywords. So when you perform the SEA activities for the voice search ranking then you have to work on long-tail keywords or most frequently search queries about your business.


Trend 2# Optimized high-Quality Content: Users love the information and follow the businesses who provide the high-quality, understandable and perfect piece of content to serve their customer better information. You will find that content always matters a lot in SEO and including the optimized content will help the businesses to rank higher in search engines. 


To succeed in 2020, you will have to write something that is relevant and valuable, said Tony Wright, CEO, WrightIMC


To create the best content pieces for your business you have to understand your audience first, how they search, their intent behind any search query and what problem they are facing which need to be resolved by you. This little research about your audience and targeted people will help you to give the users the exact information and solutions they want and follow you for the more which will grow your business revenue. 


Trend 3#  UX & Technical SEO:   The trend which every SEO marketer should follow is UX – User Experience which is also the key part of the technical SEO. You have to improve the interface of your website to make sure that users who come to visit your website understand your business and find easy navigation for the services. The easy access and understandable interface improves the UI-  User Experience of your website and helps you to grow your search engine ranking as well. 


To improve your UI of business or personal website, you have to work on the technical SEO factors of the website and to focus on the interface which meets with the factors to grow your ranking. You have also kept your website secure from the scrappers, viruses and hackers, so you have to make sure about the SSL certification of your website which keeps your and user’s data safe.


Trend 4# Keywords Research Becomes more important: The keywords tell about your business and whom you are targeting online to visit your website. So it is very essential to make the proper targeting list of the keywords for each page on your website to target the right audience to visit your website. Use the advanced tools to do the research on finding keywords, check your competitors targeted keywords and make the list of 1 primary keyword and 2 to 3 secondary keywords to rank your website in the search engine. 


You can also find the trends by typing your business niche in search engines there will be a drop-down which shows you the most trending searches on your keywords which you can use to target your business audience to get more leads, engagement and higher ranking in search engines to be on top and available for the users always. 


Trend 5# BERT Google Update: BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) Google update is one of the major updates by Google. The update comes up with the idea that anyone can train their own question and answer system. And if you want to understand what does it means then check the statement below-


Focus on how our users talk about their issues, problems, and needs at each aspect of the buyer’s journey much more, according to Keith Goode, Sr. SEO Strategist, IBM.


This statement will help you to understand about the BERT more and you can work on it accordingly to increase your search engine ranking. The update works on the natural language that how people like to search about their questions online and the SEO marketer who work on it properly can make the place in #1 page on Google and other search engines.


Trend 6# Video Marketing: Google loves explanatory videos and also if we check the user’s point of views then people will love to see the videos to learn something instead of reading text. And video marketing is increasingly making their major place in search engine ranking now. You can also make attractive videos to promote your website and also create tutorials & explanatory videos to grab the attention of the visitors. 


You can create videos for YouTube which support the current content on your website and share it on social media platforms to get more engagement on your website and also with the videos people will understand your business & service well. 


Trend 7# Mobile SEO: 80% users search the queries from their mobile phones and if we talk about the transaction 40% users complete the transaction from their mobiles. And these stats are enough to understand the importance of mobile SEO. You need to design your website in a responsive manner and make sure that users get the mobile-friendly interface when they open your website on mobiles. 


Plan the mobile SEO strategy as per the targeted audiences and grow faster in search engines to get the revenues from mobile users. Also if you add the informative content in your business then you will grab more attention of the mobile users and they connect with you longer for the further information also. 


Trend 8# Influencer SEO: You can find that influencers on the internet can take any business on the level of success and can generate the leads for anyone. You can also find the influencers of your business niche to make your small business into a brand and to make the people know about your business and services. 


Influencers have followers in followers and if they promote your business their followers must try your product & services when they need. The marketing trend of influencers is the fastest way to viral your business and unique ideas among the people, so choose your marketing influencer and promote your business to make it a brand now. 


Trend 9# Structured Data: To better understand our business and service search engines provide structured data codes or we can schema codes to implement the right structure of the search results. The continued updates of the structured data will give you the multiple options and extensions to use it into your website look and also you can check in preview how your website will look. 


Trend 10# Link Building: If you want to look at the top in a search engine in 2020 then you have to acquire the top-tier backlinks for your website. You have to plan the perfect link building plan and find out the niche related links which can give you the outreach links which target your business. You can scratch the data from the competitors initially to make a better strategy and to beat them by making a better strategy than them. 


These top 10 Important 2020 SEO Trends will make you Google‘s favourite and you will be on top rank while users search. 


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