SEO in easy ways by best SEO expert in India

SEO in easy ways by best SEO expert in India :
Hello SEO learners ,Again a post by best SEO expert in India . I posted my last blog about introduction of Search Engine Optimisation . And now i am looking forward , i will tell you today about types of SEO and all process of SEO.
Types of SEO :-
ON PAGE SEO is very important part of Search Engine Optimisation . Search engine give 70% marks for ON PAGE SEO and 30% marks for OFF PAGE SEO .
Mostly ON PAGE SEO is done at the time of website designing , at the time of content submission or at the time of new posts .

For ON PAGE SEO i will suggest you Yoast SEO plugin . It is the best SEO plugin . I always follow this .
Process of ON PAGE SEO according to best SEO expert Prempal Singh :-
{1) Title
(2)Meta description
(3)Content [Meta tags]
Title of any post in ON PAGE SEO should be above 60 charactors and should matched to your focus keywords.
Meta description is also important part of ON PAGE SEO . Meta description should contain above 160 charactors and it should contain focus keywords .
“Content is king” in SEO . First of all , Always remember content should be unique . Unique content will give you awesome results . Content should contain min. 1000-1500 words . We should use our secondary keywords in first line and then primary keyword . We should specify H1 tag for heading first and we should specify H2 tag for sub heading and then we should specify H3 and H4 tags etc.

Generally OFF PAGE SEO contains link building . Link building work can be done by SEO expert (Digital Marketing Expert)or Link Building expert . “Always remember many people do link building by softwares , it is very bad SEO . Not so useful and not good” .
Processes and ways of Link Building :-
(1) Press release submission
(2) Article submission
(3) Blog submission
(4) Forum
(5) Profile linking
(6) Business listing
(7) Event submission
(8) Social bookmarking
(9) Web 2.0
(10) Directory submission etc.
In this blog , We defined types of SEO . Hope you will understand well and this will help you a lot in learning of SEO .
In our next blog i will tell you about types of SEO according to Search Engine Algorithm and working .


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